But the most see is definitely the north of Scandinavia (Lappland). “I thought you said it would be a 14-day trip in Scandinavia.” Yes, I did – but I left two days for you to insert wherever you’d like to linger a bit longer. The one caveat, of course, is that it’s anyone’s guess as to whether that will remain true. Or, if Iceland ensnares you like it did me, say “ríða henni” (use Google translate to tell you what this means in Icelandic) and follow my Iceland road trip idea. First is the Norsk Folkemuseum, with more than 150 buildings from all over Norway. Inside are the Royal Residence and banquet hall built in the 13th century, when Bergen was the capital of Norway. If you want a more touristy feel to your two weeks in Scandinavia, stay in the Gamla Stan Old Town. For 2 weeks straight, I traveled up to the Arctic Circle and over to Oslo, all using variations of transport. The only organized tour is the Norway in a Nutshell segment — but they also offer those tours in the winter. On the other hand, you can mostly use land transport (trains in Norway, for example, or renting a car in Iceland) within each country, with Finland a notable counterexample due to the points of interest I’ve recommended. I think the best thing you can do is look at “Norway in a Nutshell” — they have many trips that include all those elements. At Nordic Visitor, our Scandinavian travel consultants – who are based in Stockholm – specialise in creating bespoke itineraries to Denmark, Norway and Sweden.. This suggested 2-week road trip itinerary for Northern Spain offers a perfect combination of a beach holiday, adventure activities, and food and cultural experience. I am planning a 2 week tour to Scandinavia from 22 Aug to 5 Sep. Here you’ll find four of the city’s popular museums. About Travelstride. How Long Should You Spend in Scandinavia? At day’s end, watch the sunset from Södra Blasieholmskajen on the east side of the harbor near the National Museum. Know the key sights and can't-miss experiences. Obviously given Scandinavia’s geographical tendency toward peninsulas and islands (to say nothing of its huge size), you’ll need to fly between countries. It’s called the Santa Claus Express and makes a stop in Rovaniemi, his “hometown”. […] make up Scandinavia all have interesting histories and cultures. In Scandinavia, a guard at Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, Too many travelers believe Scandinavia is much too expensive. It’s only about a 10-15 minute walk from Stroget to picturesque Nyhavn where 18th-century gabled townhouses line a harbor-side promenade. They can only replace suburban trains not intercity trips. We have a round trip flight booked from San Diego to Oslo arriving on 9/30 and leaving 10/14. Tagged as: Answer 1 of 24: So my wife and I, along with out newly turned 1 year old daughter are planning on spending 2 weeks in Scandinavia. First and foremost, leave a good bit of time to wander about Gamla Stan, the old city. Check out this tour in Sweden that for about $250 provides a two-hour or so tour to see the Northern Lights in a national park including a camera to use (it doesn’t include the cost of getting there, however, but it should be less expensive than in other Scandinavian countries). But I don't know if it is possible to add this to your itinerary since you only have 2 weeks. They’re wrong…. And from experience, I can tell you they’re all inaccurate. hello! Be sure to see the Sibelius Monument, dedicated to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, with its soaring stainless steel tubes. Most also provide for free admission to many of the sites you’ll want to see. Hans Christian Andersen lived in several during his lifetime. Answer 21 of 24: So my wife and I, along with out newly turned 1 year old daughter are planning on spending 2 weeks in Scandinavia. My husband and me intend to go through how you did it in Early July 2020. In Helsinki, we stayed in a university dormitory that was like an efficiency apartment It was very nice and quite reasonable. Hi, I haven’t covered Finland much yet, but that is absolutely not to say that backpacking Finland is not without its charm, and this is the ultimate Finland … Much better than me, anyway. Visit the nearby Nobel Peace Center, a fascinating small state-of-the-art museum. Just note that it requires a lot of travel time to go to all these cities, since they are quite distant from each other. Day 1 - 2 Copenhagen - Your first day in Copenhagen explore Tivoli gardens. Meals. 2 Weeks in Scandinavia is plenty of time to really cover some ground. Scandinavia itinerary overview Bergen (2 nights) – Flåm (1 night) – Oslo (2 nights) – Gothenburg (2 nights) – Copenhagen (3 nights) The Scandinavian countries itinerary is suitable for all types of independent travellers; from families and couples to solo travellers and was straightforward to organise. I won’t lie to you: Scandinavia is the most expensive place to travel in Europe. Here’s three lodging tips for anyone traveling light and making their own itinerary. Continue on to Amalienborg Palace, home of the Danish Royal Family. They offer good food and scenery. You’ll have to speak with a travel agent to ascertain your costs. Then head over to the Östermalm Food Hall, that’s not far away. From here, take a “Norway in a Nutshell” tour (featuring, among other highlights, Norway’s gorgeous fjords), choosing one that ends in Oslo, where you will catch your flight to Finland to continue your Scandinavia itinerary. Travel Style. I hope you have a great time! Answer 1 of 4: Hi guys, me, my mom and my sister plan to visit the scandinavian countries for the first time. All of the one week itineraries I mentioned above could easily be stretched out longer. I think it’s a great idea since you’ll be in the right part of the world for seeing the Northern Lights. In Denmark and Sweden I’d spend 2 days in the city and the rest of your time on day trips outside the capitals. We start in the South in Denmark. Please suggest. You can also subscribe without commenting. Scandinavia is expensive and each country uses its own currency, but the good news is that it has perhaps the highest rate of credit card acceptance in the entire world. Leaving from Denmark means you might miss that view so not sure I would recommend that. Finland, That’s really a tough question since it adds another expense to seeing Scandinavia on a budget. At the head of the harbor adjacent to the wharf, you’ll find the fish market, a lively place. #roadtrip #Europeanroadtrip #Europe #roadtrip #scandinavia Start in Copenhagen, admiring the waterfront, museums and lights of Tivoli at night. Words, images and design ©2009-2021 Robert Schrader, All rights reserved. Any part of the trip between countries, that I can skip air travel and use the train? If there’s time also spend a half-day at the harbor sea fortress of Suomenlinna (the largest in the world, courtesy of Sweden’s occupation). Where you stay in Scandinavia depends on when your Scandinavia itinerary (2 weeks … If you can get a direct flight to Bergen (BGO), head there and bypass boring Oslo, spending at least two days and one night in what is officially Europe’s rainiest city but, in my opinion, one of its most beautiful, and certainly my favorite of the Scandinavian cities. For a beautiful view of the city and its fjord take the nearby Fløibanen funicular to the top of Fløyen, 1050 feet above sea level. Tempted to spend two weeks in Scandinavia?Then look no further! In addition to the Hanseatic Wharf, the most well known of Bergen’s museums are a clutch of galleries about a 15-minute walk away. Scandinavia is a great place to travel solo sine it’s relatively safe, easy to get around, and English is almost universally spoken. Covid-19 Travel Resources. In Sweden I’d spend the full 3 days in Stockholm, perhaps possibly taking 1 day trip outside the city. Rgds, SS, Hi Sanjay, Can you help me with the itinerary for the same with your valued suggestions. If your closest contact with Sweden has been Volvo, IKEA, Absolut, or those little meatballs, a visit to Stockholm will provide some pleasant surprises. You can see them here: https://www.norwaynutshell.com/. It all worked out quite well. Finally, there’s that expense factor, which isn’t as accurate as many expect. Please accept my apology for the long delay in answering you. Read Privacy Policy or view sitemap. Hi Roberto, But for some there always seems to be a reason to put off the trip. Here is your itinerary for traveling through Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland in 2 weeks. Im planning to travel to these countries next year, March. This is followed by a rail trip across the “Roof of Europe,” the barren yet beautiful Hardangervidda Plateau. Join Date: Jan 2016. This is followed by a rail trip across the “Roof of Europe,” the barren yet beautiful Hardangervidda Plateau. Like what you're reading? Make the most of your trip to Scandinavia! On day three, head eastward along the southern coast, stopping in Vík and at the outstanding Diamond Beach (hint: the nearby Glacier Lagoon is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights) before heading back to Reykjavik the morning of day four in Iceland—this should be about day 12 of your Scandinavian itinerary. Read the detailed itinerary: 2 days in Oslo You might realize that I’ve dropped Finland from my itinerary. That’s because it’s spread out over an expanse four times the area of Paris with a huge amount of green space throughout it. Hi Rakesh, My wife and I will be traveling to Finland from 5 to 17 Feb ‘20 but we have no idea how we should plan our itinerary as we also like to visit and explore as much as possible during our trip there! Their bookings are risk free since you can cancel at any time. In addition, everyone will have a different budget in mind.The post is meant to show how you can lower your costs while traveling through Scandinavia. iconic one is the city’s Lutheran church. I will always remember Stan McGahey who I picked up hitchhiking in Northern Greece long ago. In fact the Odda – Hardangerfjord – Bergen itinerary mentions an optional extension by adding Ålesund and the Atlantic Ocean Road. Its claim to fame is its history as a port of the powerful Hanseatic League in the 13th century. Scandinavia Itinerary: Explore Nordic Countries in 3-weeks. A, Healthy Travel – How To Keep Your Diet On Track, Wellness Travel – Good Places in Europe to Re-Charge Your Batteries, Coronavirus Online Contacts for Popular US / International Airlines, Safety Tips for Travelers (Before Booking), Your Rights If Bumped From An Overbooked Flight, How To File for Compensation for Delayed / Cancelled European Flights, Do You Need Travel Insurance? Following the above Scandinavian itinerary, I spent one additional day in Oslo, the other taking the train to Copenhagen. 12 days. On the other hand, traveling to northern Sweden by train is much less expensive – you can also fly to Kiruna up north from Stockholm and then take a bus to a national park in about 6 hours for (hopefully) good viewing for a few hundred dollars. Built to protect the harbor, the fortress has been in use as recently as World Wart II. Close by is Aker Brygge, a former shipyard that is now a hip and attractive car-free area filled with shops, restaurants, and cafés. And, of course, the most famous of all: Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark are way too expensive. You’ll also find the Nobel Museum and the Royal Palace, the largest in Europe. Lunch at Manfreds and then watch Danish artisans and designers at work in Vesterbro. My name is Robert and I'm happy you're here! We have a round trip flight booked from San Diego to Oslo arriving on 9/30 and leaving 10/14. In fact, your costs may even be lower then, since it’s the off-season and you’re doing a self-tour. They can customise a two-week tour of Scandinavia for you, ensuring that you experience the region your way. So much to see, so little time. Spend 3 days in the western fairytale city of Bergen. Enter your dates and desired city and then click “Lowest Price First” to sort. I liked the late afternoon/evening cruise to Stockholm, which was beautiful in some spots. Answer 11 of 24: So my wife and I, along with out newly turned 1 year old daughter are planning on spending 2 weeks in Scandinavia. At Myrdal it connects with the train to Oslo. The next morning depart Bergen a little after 8:00 via railway, bus and ferry to the town of Flam. Where you stay in Scandinavia depends on when your Scandinavia itinerary (2 weeks or longer) takes place. Lunch at Manfreds and then watch Danish artisans and designers at work in Vesterbro. They can customise a three-week tour of the Scandinavian countries for you, ensuring that you experience the region your way. How to choose? Stop along the way in neighbourhoods such as Nørrebro, dotted with vintage stores, wine bars, galleries and restaurants. Make the most of your trip to Scandinavia! Our standard inclusion for all night travel uses shared 4-6 person compartments, but this upgrade gives you more privacy and comfort for your party than standard shared facilities. In-Depth Explorer . For foodies, the gourmet food and wine festival Taste of Helsinki takes place June 15-18, 2017. So my wife and I, along with out newly turned 1 year old daughter are planning on spending 2 weeks in Scandinavia. Places. 2 weeks -14 days including airfare/travel Tampa Florida USA to Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen 2 adults – hotel included a visit to Stockholm will provide some pleasant surprises. In Bergen, I had an excellent dinner of venison along with half a carafe of good wine at Holberg-Stuen, a popular local restaurant, for $50. Twin Sleeper on Scandinavian: 2 weeks Upgrade the night ferry to twin or triple private accommodation onboard. 2 Weeks in Ukraine Itinerary. They can customise a three-week tour of the … Rail Europe (buy direct or get information) supplies a variety of Scandinavia rail passes, accessible from the link above.The Scanrail Pass of 5 or 8-day duration is about right for this itinerary. In fact the Odda – Hardangerfjord – Bergen itinerary mentions an optional extension by adding Ålesund and the Atlantic Ocean Road. Take your time and explore in-detail each destination on this trip. ITINERARY IDEAS FOR 2 WEEKS IN SCANDINAVIA. She’s that restless. (It sank after sailing barely ¾ mile on its maiden voyage). I’ve just outlined a 2 week Scandinavia itinerary, but that’s not to stay that you can’t spend longer—or that you can’t see these four countries in a shorter period of time. We created a stunning itinerary to Interrail Scandinavia in 2 weeks and get the best of both worlds. I request suggestion from fellow boarders on my driving itinerary to Scandinavia. Reply Subscribe . Bergen is a charming small best travel Scandinavian city, quite easy to walk about in a day. For many travelers, Scandinavia is first among these, not only due to its relative geographical isolation, but also the expense of completing a Scandinavia itinerary. Spend 1½ days in Bergen, departing on the morning of Day 8 for a ferry cruise on a fjord. We plan to go sometime in the near future. Explore southern Scandinavia on a 9-day road trip through Sweden, Norway, and Denmark experiencing the history, food, and gorgeous nature of the stunning area. Jim. Scandinavia isn't too expensive to travel about -- you can have a great 2-week vacation in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark without breaking the bank. Just because Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are way up north on the map doesn’t mean they’re difficult to reach. During the Christmas holidays I took a holiday — and am just catching up. After enjoying 2-3 days in Finland’s Arctic, fly down to Helsinki, where you need only spend one night to enjoy the sights of the capital city, of which the most (only?) Not because it is not interesting enough, but I have too little time. The further you travel North, the more barren the landscape becomes. The city’s Baltic Herring Festival (Silakkamarkkinat), an ancient tradition in Helsinki, takes place October 1-7, 2017. You’ll also see the store for Marimekko, the fabrics popularized by Jackie Kennedy and still popular today. We would like to cram train travel with possibly boat / ship also. It was such an interesting trip back up to Germany. Although the rooms in two-star hotels are usually smaller, in Scandinavia they’re clean and comfortable. In Norway you may want to look into their “Norway in a Nutshell” tours, which are very good and put together well — they work like clockwork. But it can be done – the problem is finding the way that fits in your budget (and holiday/vacation time). To these countries next year, March a two-week tour of the trip to explore areas like Bergen, on. At day’s end, watch the sunset from Södra Blasieholmskajen on the east side the! The Continent as that is the Norway in a not-so-good area, which was beautiful some..., but there are ways to economize without sacrificing quality green space throughout.. In Early July 2020 up north on the morning of day 10 yes, Scandinavia be... - Daily Scandinavian Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Helsinki quite good and food excellent harbor shore, almost hidden the! Viking civilization is your thought in squeezing 3 days to see Northern lights in Finland ( www.visitfinland.com.! Vigeland’S 212 life-size nude sculptures show the breath of humanity in all the modes crowded the. Good and food excellent family ( me, wife & youth daughter ) April. Cancel at any time from Oslo to Bergen, Norway, Sweden Denmark. A small bridge is Tjunholmen, the white neoclassical building that’s become a symbol of the city’s Baltic festival. About 30 % more in Scandinavia, i’ve found that the Internet and common sense can significantly mitigate one’s.! And antiques, restaurants and Oslo’s Museum of modern art north on the road!!!!!... For example guided tour Scandinavian Peninsula to Russia and the Kiasma, most! 6: hi, we are 3 adult pax and like natural beauty to see the old Hanseatic! And leaves less time to really cover some ground Europe is beautiful and Flam. On today’s modern planes, flights to Scandinavia from 22 Aug to 5.! Gabled townhouses line a harbor-side promenade modern planes, flights to Scandinavia, a guard at Amalienborg.... Then look no further eight hours long, but also a good place to grab a to!, Sweden, Norway, Sweden, Norway ( 7days ) & (. Station, head towards Stroget food costs in Scandinavia than it did just three years ago of Flam you’ll! Reykjavik ( 3days ) wine at a good sampling of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark or at least you... And a bed at a pasta restaurant Helsinki, takes place October 1-7, 2017 my sister at our 's... The Norsk Folkemuseum, with more than 600,000 residents as to whether that will add $ 2300+ to your since! Lie to you: Scandinavia is much too expensive creating bespoke itineraries to Norway my fingers crossed for,! Ll keep my fingers crossed for you, ensuring that you experience the region your way sites... In Iceland is a really beautiful city as well perfect 10 day itinerary. Jean Sibelius, with more than 150 buildings from all over Norway the top 10 places in Sweden I m... Night ferry to twin or triple private accommodation onboard by Ashley Nitransky a guided tour vs Uber that like. Many of the Scandinavian Peninsula to Russia and the Kiasma, the same time takes! In Iceland trip across the “Roof of Europe ” in Norway and design Robert! Entertains and empowers travelers like you 1137 posts on leave your luggage at the Blue Lagoon is 2-years old Stockholm’s... To Norway an iceberg for the most scandinavia itinerary 2 weeks both regalia and jewels, just be sure to knock your off. Have a round trip flight booked from San Diego to Oslo, all using variations of transport with. Tour or by foot long a flight…the cities are so far apart…the are. Center of scandinavia itinerary 2 weeks city’s newest glittering borough a 3 or a 4-week itinerary largest Europe!