Levin is credited with creating participative management. Really think about it for a moment though. In order to fill your “social cup,” make sure that you carve out time to connect with those that are important to you on a regular basis. Working also contributes to feelings of self-respect and pride. Your answer will show that you will fit in well with the company culture and mission, and that the job itself is relevant to your skills and interests. Here are five reasons I believe we’re meant to work. If the description paints a picture of a role that you think you would enjoy, take a chance and apply. A 100-year old could have both been transported via a horse and buggy and by a self-driven car – doesn’t that just blow your mind? Activity begets activity, so if you’re working hard at your current endeavor, you just increase your odds of running into the next or right purpose in your work. The four reasons why we work Reason one: Financial security In our current economic system, we have associated work with our need for financial security. If possible, use numbers to express how you can add value to the business. Fun is partly about perks, but it’s mostly about culture. That’s OK, too. (The Financial Diet), Having a job that has a positive impact on your community can mean even more than taking on something that only benefits your personal interests. How to Answer “Why Do You Want to Work Here?” The best way to answer this question is to be prepared and knowledgeable about the company. When hiring managers ask you, “Why do you want to work here?” They are trying to determine if you would fit in at the company and if you would add value to their existing team. Someone turning one hundred years old today would have seen horse drawn carriages, the first automobile, airplanes, television, computers, smartphones, Skype – the list just goes on and on. I think it makes sense to work (hence the post), but not to overwork. Work also gives people a sense of identify and a feeling of accomplishing activities that contribute to society. Instead we’re meant to contribute – in many different ways. These are good motivating reasons for times when you need a boost. This will help you to garner a sense of accomplishment, that only hard work tends to provide. Don’t limit yourself to think that your current career has to be your sole purpose in life. Employees will work longer on a day-to-day basis. Great workplaces make work more like play. That little bit of social interaction could be a catalyst for increasing your work satisfaction over time. If you're still on the fence about whether the home-office scenario would work for you, consider these 10 reasons working from home can be great. That’s one of the blessings and curses of working. And to think, they can leave you tomorrow for a reason beyond your control. We’ve all heard this advice before: Follow your passion. I have always worked in large corporate environments where I am a number, not an individual. Many people don’t know when to call enough enough and continue to shoot for making more and more money, often at the expense of trading their precious time for it. Here are 11 of these below. Then make sure that those are the things that you tackle first and give the majority of attention to the next day. There are plenty of ways to cultivate passion for your job, even if you don’t feel it now. Payment for work rendered, with bonuses and incentives to supplement it, provides stability. Your answer helps the recruiter or hiring manager gauge your interest, and gives you a chance to prove you’re well-informed about the company and role. A job with little or no challenging work puts you at risk for a number of job- and career-killing factors. Here are 11 of these below. A step away from the work itself is the purpose motive. (Fortune), For young professionals who are getting out of college, moving out of their parents’ homes, or only starting out, sometimes accepting a new position is all about independence. Getting them to work at optimum capacity. 1.Why do you want to work for this company? Work is also central in several other dimensions, namely in its role as a socialising mechanism, as a source of social exchanges, and individual identities. If this is you, I challenge you to take a step back and start creating again. I think work provides an avenue to fulfill a purpose – or at least the feeling of it. Not everyone would have access or the skills to the same provisions, so they would barter or trade their goods or time to get what they needed. During his research, Levin performed experiments and found that women were more likely to do something if they were given the ability to be involved in a decision rather than someone telling them what to do. Americans work more than anyone, but offering a work-from-home option might keep your employees from getting too burned out. This just spurs creation and innovation forward. I mean, you spend hours training your team. Unlike 20 years ago when I would have to stay in the office to be connected, I can now go home, work out, … We’re meant to work. Keep reading to hear about a few of the perks, straight from the experts themselves. Time which could be spent with friends and family and connecting per the socialization category that we talked about. 2. Why do you want this job? I've earned it: No one can argue with performance. However there are also valid reasons to not work out: Rest days, illness, injury, major life obligations like funerals, weddings, travel. Instead they might have a plot of land and grow their own food, while raising animals. Mention any skills or work experience that makes you a unique, strong candidate for the job. 5 Reasons to Work at a Great Workplace . If you work alone, find another person like you that you can share a meal with once a week. “Why do you want to work here?” is one of the most important questions in an interview. Work provides a sense of productiveness rarely found to the same extent elsewhere. Or that your creation has stagnated as the needs of your business have grown or changed? What if you don’t feel like you’re creating anything? This Changed Everything… One day, I … Learn more about Caroline, Actionable Steps to Fight Workplace Racism. An engaged employee that is aligned with the company's mission and values will be more productive and stay at the company longer. We get depleted at times when we’re always giving, but never receiving. HR professionals have a unique perspective into the businesses they work for due to the nature of their job. Tom Ewer, Created from research of 25,000 proposals worth $270M, Used by top agencies to land high paying clients, Includes templates, worksheets, cover page designs, and more. When you think about your current habit of trading time for money, consider at which point enough is enough. But if it’s a stepping-stone to something you might want to do later on, it’s an absolutely respectable thing to take on.