I also have a sketchbook in the car for seizing the moments when I can draw. I love how Liz kept it real and describes but the travails and rewards of sailing around the world, meeting all types of fun, inspiring and "challenging" people. Notebooks were notebooks, so all sizes, formats and types of paper were used on a quick availability basis. We have new and used copies available, in 2 editions - starting at $11.42. Two approaches using Michelangelo and my niece's kitchen, SketchingNow Adventure: Eastern Suburbs and South Head, SketchingNow Adventure: Sydney Harbour and CBD, Coloured Ink - mixing a Raw Sienna with De Atramentis Yellow and Brown, The story of my red lines: pencils, setup lines and early work, SketchingNow Adventure: Parramatta and Harris Park, Christmas Eve Urban Sketching with coloured inks, A few quiet days - Christmas 2014 and a few references to cricket, 2014 Sketchbook Details and my 2015 ABM Planner, Seven Coloured Ink Sketch (or was it eight?). Fountain Pen Sketching Part 2: Why draw with a fountain pen? Today I would love to hear about your sketchbook practice…. Part 2: Beginning the sketch and balancing line and colour, Two fun sketching day outs: Manly and Surry Hills, Prep for a new 2 Day Sketching Architecture Workshop, The Foundations have been laid! I have finally figured out a sketching process that works for me so that I can develop a sketch incrementally with snatched moments. Books; Archives; About. Doing online classes. Last week of 'Sketching Mosman'- but more classes soon! I got a copy of THE BOOK today! EDM in EDiM 29-31 Rushing the last three! These days I am writing more than sketching. Finishing off my week with architecture sketching late at night! A sketchbook might last a year sometimes! I have only done this once with a friend. Free delivery worldwide on over 20 million titles. I have the time, but since I’m not going anywhere and it’s too cold and rainy now to sit outside to sketch, I’m limited to what’s in my apartment around me or on my tablet that I’ve downloaded. To this day, I consider my self a cowboy/farmer/engineer and still own the family farms!! These courses have all instilled and affirmed good techniques to use to achieve satisfying sketches – many tools in one’s toolkit. ), Its official, its on, its started... Trip Prep 1 & 2, Trip Prep 4 & 5: Paint and Sketchbook Setout, Trip Prep 6-8: Travel kettle, my folder and some wardrobe decisions, Trip Prep 09: Random Sketch - Random Thoughts, Trip Prep 17: Putting my full art kit together, Big Trip 2010: Back home and back sketching Sydney, Big Trip 2010: Borromini's Friends - Part 1, 29th International Sketchcrawl: A typical Saturday, Big Trip 2010: Two huge day trips from Seattle, Big Trip 2010: Urban Sketchers in Seattle Dinner, Big Trip 2010: Queen Marys Tearoom and other Seattle sketches, Big Trip 2010: Portland - the day before the symposium, Big Trip 2010: Urban Sketchers Symposium in Portland - Day 1, Big Trip 2010: Urban Sketchers Symposium in Portland - Day 2, St Marys Cathedral, Hyde Park Barracks Tools and Red Shoes, Big Trip 2010: Urban Sketchers Symposium in Portland - Day 3, Lunchtime sketching and going through my trip art purchases, Big Trip 2010: Volume 1 in full - Seattle and Portland, Big Trip 2010: Last (big) day in Portland, Big trip 2010: New York sketches - Part 1, Mahler instead of Melbourne Cup - sketching while listening to classical music, Big trip 2010: New York sketches - Part 2, Big Trip 2010: Volume 2 in full - Portland, Kansas City and NYC, Big Trip 2010: Volume 3 in full - NYC, Edinburgh and Isle of Lewis, Earl Greys of Crows Nest 01 - Bean Drinking, Post Trip Restlessness and sketching my sketchbooks, Big Trip 2010: Newcastle upon Tyne and some Vanbrugh, My favourite tree at my favourite time of the year, Earl Greys of Crows Nest 03 - Coffee Culture, My Grandma's funeral (and one of her teacups), Big Trip 2010: Great Houses and great tearooms of England, Big Trip 2010: Blenheim Palace and a quick visit to Bath, Big Trip 2010: Volume 5 in full - England and Wales, Big Trip 2010: Venice Part 1 (with Esther), Big Trip 2010: Venice - Part 2 (with Esther), Big Trip 2010: Rome - Part 1 (with Esther), Big Trip 2010: Rome - Part 2 (back to solo sketching), Hyde Park Barracks, Martin Place Xmas tree and cups of tea, Big Trip 2010: Index and a few favourite sketches, Earl Greys of Crows Nest 07 - Caffe Nostra. Once upon a time people kept journals for themselves but not now. A huge thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment here on the blog. I usually add the date and place and occasionally add a comment. Well there’s no way I can comment on other people’s life/work demands but if you want it enough, you make time. Why Bother? I started sketching late in 2015, early 2016, as that was when I started taking some drawing lessons as I did not know how to draw yet. Subscribe for first notification of workshop + online classes and more. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Funnily enough though, im not doing a whole lot of sketvhing out and about. Notebooks were notebooks, so all sizes, formats and types of paper were used on a quick availability basis. Helpful. I have had some breaks in between due to some health issues, but since late 2018 I have been sketching pretty much every day. Why I love running my interactive SketchingNow online classes, SketchingNow Adventure: Glenhaven (and Kenthurst), Adult Coloring Books 1: An initial review, Tidying Up: Good feelings and sobering thoughts, I love my work: A Curious Interested Interview, Adult Coloring Books 2: Someone's else lines, old insecurities and my style, Norfolk Island Part 1: Summary of my trip, Norfolk Island Part 2: Unplugging and having time to think, Norfolk Island Part 3: Struggles with a new sketchbook. Thick gloves, wooded pencils sharpened with a jackknife and a dripping nose was common in cold weather like now here. All bonus features are in standard definition. Cafe hopping and architecture sketching, More sketching classes and Saturday workshops in The Rocks. Thank you! Most of the time I plan when I will sketch. My “kit” is carried in a small beat up and stained leather messenger bag that has been across the world with me. I’m an obsessive sketcher from Sydney Australia who loves sketching my life and sharing the experience. Day 4 #oneweek100people2017: what to work on next! SketchingNow Adventure: Manly Cafes and Dobroyd Point, Veggie Colour: making adjustments to my watercolour palette, The start of my Food Diary and first thoughts about ThePerfectSketchbook. Hello Liz. This week I am reading and NOT sketching - well tonight anyway!! Greetings from Slovenia, Do you need perfect perspective to draw architecture? Probably more. I don’t go out to sketch everyday although I always have a sketchbook with me. 2 and the Sydney Opera House, 10 years ago I couldn't use a paint brush: How I got started sketching, Foundations Friday 2017: Lesson 1 - Knowing (and loving) your materials, Foundations Friday 2017: Lesson 2 - Feeling Edges, New Zealand Trip: 7 reflections from our sketching adventure, Back to Work: Starting and planning my 2017, Foundations Friday 2017: Lesson 3 - Abstracting Shapes, New Zealand Trip: Some favourite sketches, Video: Travel Sketching Tips from my NZ sketchbooks, Australia Day: The calm before the big party, Foundations Friday 2017: Lesson 4 - Constructing Volumes, 2017 Art Goal: Get more people in my sketchbook, Foundations Friday 2017: Lesson 5 - Measured Setup, Foundations Friday 2017: Lesson 6 - Minimal Setup, USK Symposium Chicago: Lost and Found Structure, Foundations Friday 2017: Lesson 7 - Putting it all together, A new sketching challenge: One week 100 people, Video: My Italy Sketchbook from 2016 trip, Foundations Friday 2017: Lesson 8 - Balancing Line and Colour, Sketching Architecture Workshop: February 2017, Foundations Friday 2017: Lesson 9 - Composing the view, Day 1 #oneweek100people2017: Let the challenge begin, Day 2 #oneweek100people2017: Achieving a flow, Day 3 #oneweek100people2017: Adding paint. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Foundations Friday 8: Balancing Line and Colour, New SketchingNow Course for 2016: Buildings, Exploring Edges 1: Changes in Plane vs Changes in Colour, Exploring Edges 2a: Hard vs Soft Edges and tips for sketching food, Getting Things Done with my Get To Work Book, Foundations Friday 10: Creating a Focus using Thumbnails, Trip Prep: Getting in the mood for some landscapes, Thumbnails of Loughborough, England (or are they sketches? For example when I was a director at a publishing company I would take my lunch after everybody else so the company canteen was pretty quite. But it’s messy. Vlog 5 Playing with new art materials - markers! Visual Note Taking - An amazing insight into FLW's work. I began sketching 3-1/2 years ago and would have given up if I hadn’t taken your courses! But I spend a lot of time thinking what else I will sketch and how to design the page. Can a new sketchbook get you out of a rut? I really loved reading all your comments last week about adding text to your sketchbook pages! I try to sketch most days and have almost finished my second “Covid 19” diary which has helped me through this very difficult year!! Do you have a strategy for fitting sketching into your everyday life? From my student days ( I trained in ceramics ) I used a sketchbook for design ideas and notes. To this day I see potential sketches in everything from ink spills to fabrics, wallpapers and clouds! Expressive Urban Sketchers Workshop - The Evening before, Fancy teapot, moving sketchbooks and a blue house(x2), Linelessness - painting buildings shapes not edges, Bits and pieces (a little tea stuff as usual! Books; Archives; About. Inevitably i look back on sketvhes i did at the time, years ago, and thought they were awful then, but now i think well they were pretty good, and i remember so much about that day too! I’ve been sketching on and off for a few years but I’m happy to say that in the last year I’m finally sketching more. London Day 3 - A Wrencrawl and Meeting Adebanji, Back at Balmoral - Sketching Class October Week 1. My Pointless Perspective workshop - with downloadable handout! Hedgren Clapham Mk 2: Is it still my favourite sketching bag? Lots of tea cosies including a new one I've just finished! My sketching diet - A weeks worth of food! Hi Liz, I started sketching late 2016 as an option for not being able to exercise anymore. I also do watercolour painting so I try to combine both. I find myself disappointed with my drawings. No I don’t have a strategy for daily sketching but it is easy to find time when I’m inspired by something. London Day 2 - A bit of architecture and more sketching friends! Hoping to do better this winter as weather is cooling fast now in Ottawa! I see many newbies anxious about having a page that isn’t a perfect drawing/sketch and they are chasing the common urban-sketch norm of each spread having a fully realised and painted architectural scene complete with ‘casual’ notes and charming observations. Feb 15, 2020 - Explore Lee Ehmling's board "Liz Steele" on Pinterest. Liz Steel is an artist, teacher, illustrator and architect based in Sydney, Australia. Seriously working on my blog - What do you want more of? My (no longer annoymous) morning cafe visits, December Urban Sketchers Sydney at Martin Place, Fountain Pen Sketching Part 3: Using a fountain pen, Fountain Pen Sketching Part 4: Choosing a fountain pen, Last week: Coffee, fountain pens and violet ink, Fountain Pen Sketching Part 5: Basic Pens, Fountain Pen Sketching Part 6: Pens with variable lines 1, “Give it three years” and three other helpful quotes from my friends, Fountain Pen Sketching Part 7: Pens with variable lines 2, Fountain Pen Sketching: Behind the scenes, Sketching Sydney: The Rocks and Millers Point, On being a blogger - My vision for this blog in 2016 and beyond, Cuppa Tea Time: Working through my teacup collection, Foundations Friday 1: Knowing (and loving) your materials, Reflex Sketching: Complex terrace house in Newtown, Being inspired by Lloyd Rees all over again, Fountain Pen Sketching: One month later and a big interview coming up, Planning and Dreaming (reviewing my 2010 trip sketchbooks), Art Tip: Shape first for light and colour, Foundations Friday 4: Constructing Volumes, Cuppa Tea Time: My never ending collection, Last week: Sketching Diet and Soviet Bus Stops, Sketching Sydney: Socialising in The Rocks, Last week: Working at the front and the back of my book, Perspective vs drawing what you see and working spontaneously, Cuppa Tea Time: Green tea in green 'edges' cup, Sketching Sydney: Multi-tasking at Sydney Hospital Courtyard, Sketching Obsession: Flinders Street Station, Foundations Friday 7: Putting it all Together, Cuppa Tea Time: Hot Cross Scones and working on my book, Melbourne Trip 2016 Part 2: With the Watercolour Society of Victoria, Melbourne Trip 2016 Part 3: Sketching Architecture Workshop, Sketching Architecture Workshop Sydney March 2016: Day 1, Sketching Architecture Workshop Sydney March 2016: Day 2, Melbourne Trip 2016 Part 4: A morning of work in Kew, Melbourne Trip 2016 Part 5: Workshop Prep Days, Experimental Thursday night Palladianism and some old Venice sketches, Super quick hot cross bun: Only a few strokes of paint but lots of thoughts, Last Week: Creating art vs recording life, Melbourne Trip 2016 Part 6: Final sketching day with friends, Sketching street scenes without perspective, Sketching Teacups: A step-by-step demonstration. Do you do thumbnails when you are out sketching? 15 - 2009, More borders and establishing sketching habits, Oneweek100people challenge: 9-13 March 2020, Sketchbook Review: Kunst & Papier Watercolour book, Sketchbook Review: Hahnemühle Watercolour Book (Akademie Aquarell), A week of pink teacups (No. I then asked the group which one would they prefer to draw and/or which one did they think would be easier to draw. Looking forward to those teaser lessons next week and the full Sketchbook Design course next year! Liz Steel is a great artist and takes you through the process in four sections – How to see, Quick on the … I really enjoy looking back as the spreads accumulate and the focus on good things lifts my spirits as I am reminded of all the goodness in my life. I have piles of sketchbooks all over my apartment – looking for good examples for all the concepts and techniques in the lessons has been a lot of fun! I have spent most of 2020 trying out new techniques. Where have the lines gone? Relaxing and soul inspiring. - My very first paint only sketches! Price Match Guarantee. Firefly Books has just launched a new “5-Minute Sketching” series of books and Liz Steel and Pete Scully have had their books in that series launched simultaneously. Hi Liz, this is a big concern for me as I don’t sketch enough and I struggle to sketch more. I bet that Liz works in her right brain too!!!! My Australia Day - a tearoom visit and no sewing! *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Two Day workshop in Melbourne in September, BCN.UK.2013: Wednesday 10 - The Day Before, Friday night experimentation (with a teacup of course!!! I do these sketches in my “location” sketchbook several times a month. The other thing is NOT to wait for inspiration. One of my favourite childhood memories is playing ‘squiggles’ with my dad (Draftsman and Architect) where we took it in turns to draw a small ‘shape/motif/scribble’ or “squiggle” and the other would have to (in a few minutes) turn it into a recognisable sketch of something. A friend turned me on to your course and I am enjoying it though time is a big issue. Sad News - T2 Teahouse Macquarie Centre is closing down! Sweet Belem Round 3, a NinaBrush and a Szaza handwritten letter, Borromini Bear - The most stylish bear around (thanks to Ea!!!). I know that is a terrible and unproductive thought, and is slowing down my development, but that thought still creeps up often, unfortunately. Do I have a strategy? Hello Liz, yes, I have worked in sketchbooks on and off for years. I’ve been sketching 6 years and the intensity varies with the seasons as as I am busy in the fall and winter. This article was supposed to be a roundup of my posts this month, but it’s been extremely quiet here over the past few weeks. Even at home I don’t grab the sketchbook and start to sketch, I sketch when I have an hour or two time and than I think what should I sketch, how to design the page and what to write. Hi, I’m Liz Steel! The only way to get better is to practice, I know that, but don’t know how to do it in « real Life ». Plus, it's quick and fast! No I don’t live some kind of ascetic life; I do a lot of the other things but making art is locked into my list of activities. Thank you so much, Nik, for your thoughtful comment! The Family (Skills-based Sociology) by Liz Steel (17-Nov-2000) Paperback on Amazon.com. Trip2012: Day 15 - A wet but totally out of control solo sketching day in NY, Trip2012: Day 16 - My last full day sketching in New York, Trip2012: Day 18 Final OUT OF CONTROL morning in NYC, Trip2012: My symposium sketchbook in full, Newtown Post Office - On location and back home, The end of an era and trying something new, Sketching the ships across at garden Island, Thinking about my Jefferson Market Library Sketches, Friday night sketching - just for fun (are you kidding? Sometimes, I feel like I have too many sketchbooks going, but I’ve been slowly settling into ways of using different sketchbooks for different things. ), Trip Prep 10: In search of the perfect bag, Ash Cloud disruption and a work trip to Melbourne, Trip Prep 12: That all important mix part, Trip Prep 14: The all important tearoom research, Trip Prep 15: Talking to myself about cameras, A busy Saturday - preparing palette and a Noodlers Flex pen, Trip Prep 19: Getting my Art Supplies together, Trip Prep 20-22: People, balustrades, modillions and a sewing project, Trip Prep 25: Itinerary Based Action List, Trip Prep Day -4: Starting my first sketchbook, Trip Prep Day -1: All packed but not yet on holidays, Back Home: A few chores this morning meant a visit you know where, A lovely surprise: another postcard from Marni, Back Home: another sketch I did the day I got off the plane, Photo of my sketch of Rossio Station for the silent auction, Trip 2011: The 30 hour Journey Sydney to Newcastle, Trip 2011: Socialising with friends in Newcastle, Trip 2011: A Wee Scottish Urban Sketchers Symposium (Edinburgh part 2), Trip 2011: Morning in Edinburgh (and then heading for Lisbon!!! It has been taking up more time than I expected because: It’s brand new... I’ve had my head down all week getting ready to start filming my next course – Sketchbook Design. See more ideas about urban sketching, sketch book, liz. What is the connection between teacups and Baroque facades? I'm still super inspired to sketch my local area! Summer 1112 - Day 16 Paddington Reservoir Gardens, 120125 Quick sketch Avenue Rd Cafe Mosman, 120203 Friday night architecture sketching. I have 7 full sketchbooks, 2 more with only 4 or 6 pages left, and 2 others halfway done (a far cry from you, but hey, we have to start somewhere!!!). About Liz Steel; Portfolio; Contact; Travel Sketching. I could use Covid as an excuse, but I think it’s deeper than that. After I’d eaten I would get stuck into drawing, or tweaking an old sketch, or scribbling notes, or whatever. Find A Perfect Cuppa by Liz Steel at Blurb Books. For a number of reasons I decided to do the filming myself this time, although my videographer is helping me with the setup and all the editing! Brazil Trip: Last day in Sao Paulo - Lina Bo Bardi Day! Why I love Baroque architecture so much?? SketchingNow Buildings registration is open! I definitely do not practice enough and need to get into that habit. People often say that don’t know how I find the time but then I hear them talk at length about reality tv shows, soaps or blockbusters they watch, newspaper articles, magazine features, books they have been reading, plays, musicals they went to see etc etc. Trip 2011: Belem Day with Marc Taro Holmes, My architecture sketching from past to present, A few pages from my 'book' I made from my first trip to Rome. The blue door: A sketch I forgot to share at the time, Busy busy SketchingNow but not sketching now, My Central Station Sketches and a testing a new Sketcher's Atelier, SingaporeCambodia 2015: Initial review of my big trip, Singapore 2015 Sketchbook part 1: The first two days, Singapore 2015 Sketchbook part 2: Leading up to the Symposium, Singapore 2015 Sketchbook part 3: The Symposium Days, Singapore 2015 Sketchbook part 4: Post Symposium Days, Cambodia2015 Sketchbook Part 1: Temples and Markets. Sketching architecture with Watercolour pencils, A month ago- post workshop sketching with Paul. No I don’t have a strategy for daily sketching but it is easy to find time when I’m inspired by something. ), Trip 2011: The Day Before (the Symposium), A very special sketchbook from the symposium, Trip 2011: USK Lisbon Symposium Day 3 - Part 1, Trip 2011: USK Lisbon Symposium Day 3 - Part 2. Trip 2011: Off to London... out of control 1st afternoon! 45 years of my day-book/lab-books in stacks are still in the library. You can read them here. Days 4 and 5: #oneweek100people - reaching 100! “Sydney Opera House from MCA Cafe” by Liz Steel Liz is an Australian artist who left her architectural career in 2012 to pursue her passion for sketching her life and sharing the experience . Do you add writing to your sketchbook pages? I do want to say a couple things about the series. I keep a ‘smallies’ notebook with wee (2″ x 2″) sketches of something from my day — but like always, I struggle to find something I WANT to sketch. Video of the Palladian Odyssey: Are you joining me in Italy? My absolute favourite period was sketching my fellow travellers on public transport when I worked in Sydney and I became quite well praticed at quickly capturing a pose. I uhave been a sketcher for most of my adult life, but mainly when i travelled, which i used to do a lot of. Currently I am struggling to make a date with myself rather than “fitting sketching around other activities”. Trip 2011: Some welsh hills and an amazing tearoom. My architectural background meant that I did mainly technical drawings and little sketching. Thank you and stay safe, Summer09/10: Let the summer holidays begin! Even though our drawing was a … I began to sketch in my sketchbook again while taking Foundations and Watercolor On Location. Teacups 40-43: Three vintage cups and a plastic one, I changed my sketchbook again - back to Alpha, I'm starting to work on a new SketchingNow Course, Teacup 44: The first and the last of the Royal Albert 100 years set, Teacups 45-53: Finishing off my collection (almost! My sketching is in fits and starts. Five Reflections from my 11 week virtual trip to Europe. Trip 2011: Week in Cardiff (last post I think! Edges and shapes: A preview of my SketchingNow Edges online course, It's On Again! This week was big! It has been hard to get back into regular sketching. I stopped sketching for years really and only with Covid slowdown and being stuck in one place i started sketching again, so thats been a silver lining for sure. R. Hi Liz. 16 reviews Sketching has become very popular. I usually manage to do so, even if it’s only on a scrap of paper. Aug 31, 2020 - Explore Sharon Doyle's board "Liz Steel" on Pinterest. Sketching Architecture in Brazil... coming up! You can get comfortable being at home! And as a result,  I’ve been thinking a lot about some big ideas related to keeping a sketchbook! Morning playing games and afternoon cup of tea, Final Sketching Day of my summer holidays. ), My sketches at the end of the Expressive Urban Sketching Workshop. Irene Ryan. But I have been quite pleased with the amount of sketching I have done locally this year! (in a pre digital age it was of course a great way to keep a fractious bored little boy occupied). Spring Sketchabout and sketching about.... Sketches from Saturday: T2 and Ballast Park, Prep for a challenging but self imposed sketching assignment, 111121 Quiet weekend but busy Monday morning, Xmas Tree in Martin Place, lots of buildings and some tea cosies, Summer! In answer to your questions It DOESN’T have to be like that. Vlog 6: Acting on the thought "maybe I could do a sketch", Palladian Odyssey Sketches: Touring the Veneto, Teaching architects to draw from observation, Cuppa Tea Time: My second sabbatical week, Sabbatical No. Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2017. More catching up - Fridays A4 sketches.... First cut... the page some of you have been waiting for! My sketching is in fits and starts. A poor sketch is no less value as a learning moment than a great sketch. Big planning Session and an hour in the garden, IMPORTANT DONT POST OR DELETE - Social media icons, Morning Sketch & Walk: Local Houses and Paper Testing. often just scribbles, but they are from the gut and what is felt is important at the minute. My “kit” is carried in a small beat up and stained leather messenger bag that has been across the world with me. My head is full of stories or anecdotes of the day or sudden thoughts that seem important, but for some reason I hesitate to write them down. Even with full time day job and a young child, I was finding time to sketch and paint. Many things you said resonated with me. I have several sketchbooks on the going because I love also flower sketching and doodles/zentangles, and I a I have done both your “Edges” and “Watercolour “ courses and found them immensely helpful. No I’m not happy with the amount of time i spend sketching. Comment Report abuse. Hopefully things will turn around. Are you happy with the amount of sketching that you do? It’s just lack of self- belief I think, because every so often I can create a really beautiful drawing. Has lockdown changed my urban sketching kit? My desire to draw all day long has brought out a monster in me and some resentment towards anything that “steals” my time or “interrupts” me. Going back, I see they weren’t so bad! However, drawing far exceeded my interest in ceramics and I’ve used a variety of drawing materials in sketchbooks and on larger sheets. Get access to exclusive email offers when you join Blurb's creative community. My First Sabbatical Week: Recharging my batteries, Sketching Architecture: Shapes vs Perspective, Europe16 Favourite: San Simeone Piccolo Venice, Vlog 2: Making the most of little moments to sketch. Sketching – drawing – ART is fun! It’s not a contest at the end of the day. I often pick up my wife from work and when I arrive 5 – 10 mins early I don’t just listen to the radio tapping my fingers, I pull out the sketchbook. From my student days ( I trained in ceramics ) I used a sketchbook for design ideas and notes. Also, I tried a few “PlayLabs”. I recognize a number of classmates from Watercolour on Location and their comments reflect my own experience: lots of half-finished sketchbooks abandoned when daily responsibilities encroached on sketching time or I deemed the sketch too poor to bother with. My actual palette (currently as of May 2013), Manly Sketching Class - Week 1: Learning to See, Why Blogging is an important part of my creative journey, My new palette - after colour mixing with Jane Blundell. Now I am not sure if they want people staying for hours sketching as space is limited. Finishing my staycation with an amazing park in paddington that I have wanted to visit for years, Looking back on 2011 and thinking about 2012, Summer 1112 Day 14 - Auburn adventure with Chris. Sketchbooks have, to some degree or other, always been part of my life but I realise, with retrospect, that in my economically stressed teens and twenties any art materials were so precious that I crawled through their pages, ensuring that every page was (successfully or not) laboured over in an attempt to get great ‘value’ out of it. She is constantly posting sketches of daily life and overseas trips on her blog and other social media platforms, along with lots of tips and tricks. Playing is the key to finding out you have more skills at your disposal than you might have at first thought. I want to inspire and enable anyone who want to be an urban sketcher to develop the skills and the confidence to sketch anything at anytime – to tackle complex scenes out on location even when there isn’t a lot of time. Pre: Expressive Urban Sketching Workshop adventures, The start of a new round of my 'sketchers diet'. When reading an article on an art website, I discovered you and your classes. Liz Steel is a Sydney-based artist, teach, illustrator and architect.