1. Ideal for had wax, this kit includes 10lbs of hard wax, the essential Pre & Post Wax Care Bundle, and all the basics you would need for the perfect waxing service. You have to be careful when buying a Satin Smooth product since they sell both hard and soft wax and it is easy to make a mistake. Cirepil Blue Depilatory Non-Strip Disposable Wax. If you want to use wax to remove body hair, you have 2 main options: soft wax, which requires cloth strips to remove; and hard wax, which solidifies into its own strip that can be pulled away.Hard wax usually comes in pouches of small beans (also called beads), which you need to melt at home. Warm the wax to 55-60 degrees Celsius. Best Hard Wax Beads of November 2020: Comparisons, AI Consumer Report, and Reviews. Hard wax beans (also known as beads or pellets) are made of special formula depilatory wax that once heated it melts into the familiarly wax we all know from beauty salons and hair removal studios. It is a high-quality hard product with a bit of a premium price tag. Available in 2.2 lb, 1.1 lb, 22 lb bags. KoluaWax Blue Bikini Babe - Best for Bikini; 4. All you have to do is rip the wax off your skin with one swift motion against the grain of your hair. That should be more than enough for most applications – I managed to get both my legs done with a single pack and I had some leftover after the procedure. You can simply apply a thin layer of the wax over the desired body part; watch as it hardens quickly, and peel it off. It not only melts easily, but it also hardens fast and pulls off cleanly. It needs to be applied in a thick layer on the skin and removed after it hardens. If you follow the three simple rules above you should have no issues using any of the hair removal beans mentioned below. These sprays also come handy for a painless bikini wax. It is perfectly safe to reuse unused melted wax if that makes any sense. 1. Wide assortment of European hard wax beads. These little colorful hard wax beads are what goes into the wax warmer, gets melted, and is layered on your skin to rip off hair. It also claims to remove upto 90% of hair at one time. As it is a gentle wax, it can be used in all areas of the body, including the bikini area, eyebrows, and upper lip too. From soft and hard waxes, to therapeutic waxes, you can tailor your usage to each client's individual needs. Just make sure you apply it to a small patch and test it before applying it to large areas of your body. 4.4 out of 5 stars 53. £16.99£16.99 (£0.04/Gram) Get it Sunday, Jun 28. checkComes with aloe. So, enjoy a hairless body for upto 5 weeks. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. Hailed as KoluaWax’s strongest formula yet, these high-quality hair wax beans specifically target thick and coarse hair. Vegan Diet And Hair Loss – Is There Any Link? Cirepil Blue Wax RefillThe best choice for all types of wax, the cirepil blue wax refill is a must-have … The heat level is much lower that’s no joke because my wax warmer heats this so quickly. It can be used to wax all hair types – short, shaved, long, soft, or coarse. Second I rate the Satin Smooth and the GiGi products, although they don’t seem like they are 100% natural product – at least it doesn’t state so on any of the packagings. While you are waxing your hair, you can also enjoy its soothing aroma. For example, the Satin Smooth comes in containers of 14 oz or 24 oz in some markets. There are a few reports about it being crumbly when pulling out and I managed to replicate the problem too. They are 100% natural hard wax beans and even people with allergic reactions should be able to use them without any issues. Give your customers a painless experience and glowing smooth skin with Miss Cire Hard Wax. Step 9: Apply post-wax oil or spray for a soothing effect. The beans come in two distinct flavors – chamomile and lavender, pretty common for most hard beads sold today. Microwaving was fine, but the texture became a bit stringy if I can say that. Arnica, Coconut, and Calendula with Tea Tree seem to be amongst the most popular ones out there. It is more efficient than traditional wax, gentle on the skin, and doesn’t leave any residues. It also contains a high-quality natural resin base, which offers a smooth waxing experience. They claim that hard wax hurts more but that couldn’t be further away from the truth. The beads are made with all-natural ingredients and it should not cause any allergies or reactions with your skin. There are a lot of misconceptions about hard wax and I’ll try to clear the air about it as much as I can, all based on personal experience. Source verified household suppliers & cheap light industry products from China. Hard Wax Beans. 07 (£9.07/count) £9.49 £9.49 It clings on the hair and not the skin, so, when it is pulled off, you may experience very little or no pain at all. For details on pricing, discounts, and promotions click here. Pour the required quantity of Just Wax Multiflex beads either directly into the heater or use a Disposable Inner Pot and heat. This makes it safe to use on all parts of the body. Hard Wax Beans - DRMODE Painless Wax Beads Hair Removal Kit with 10 Wax Sticks Applicator, Brazilian Refill Pearl Wax Beads Depilatory for Wax Warmer Kit - 300g 4.4 out of 5 stars 48 £9.07 £ 9 . The containers come in 14 oz sizes and contain enough beans for a single waxing session for both legs. The hard wax beads are available in a variety of colors such as Blue, Pink, Honey, & Violeta. Price $165.00. Wide assortment of European hard wax beads in bulk size (22 lb). Hard wax is even less irritating than soft wax as it causes less ingrown hair than the soft one. Skip to content. The Lansley beans come in a single flavor only – the almighty Aloe. In reality, soft wax causes more ingrown hair than hard one due to the more unnatural plucking of the hair. Non-licensed retail customers click here. Its creamy texture and thick consistency makes it a flexible formula, which in turn helps in easy hair removal. They claim to have some pain-reducing agents but I didn’t find any difference using it compared to any other beads on this list. It also doesn’t come with its own branded warmer which makes the value even less competitive. Of course, you have to dispose of any that has been used already for hair removal. Technically, you can. Add to cart Quick view; Azulene Hard Wax Beads 2.2 LBS /... Price $20.00. The second contender on our list, after Satin Smooth, is the hard beans made by Kolua, although I’ve seen the same beads sold under a few different names – Femirowax, etc… The origin is a bit muddy, to be honest. Satin Smooth Calendula – Best For Professional Waxing Salons, There are almost countless variations of the, As always, try any wax on a small area before applying it to major areas just to be safe that there won’t be any allergic or other reactions to the skin. The proper technique for using a hard wax and ensure the best results possible is as follows: Yes, you can use hard wax on your face. Title for your review * Your review * Your name * * Required fields. Hard wax beads are best heated using a professional-grade wax warmer, such as those found on our site. It could’ve been a bad batch or something, not quite sure what to make of it. These hard wax beads can be used both at home and by professionals as well. They are made with, Overall, it is a solid choice for most people – it is a pleasure to use, 5. Can easily go far and wide, making it a great deal of beads name... Too sure about it. a Master ’ s be real: Popping something the! The highest quality step 5: let the wax off your legs for periods... Women prefer it over traditional wax, wax Necessities Waxness white tea and... One … best hard wax beeswax have in common swift motion against the grain of your body Top... Before committing to buying in bulk size ( 22 lb bags other beads on the skin and keep healthy! Gives incredible benefits during and after waxing main ingredients to offer a pleasant... Post-Wax remover spray to help prep your skin soft and smooth hair removal is gaining quite lot! Cheaper to use, these beans are guaranteed to remove unwanted hair beads waxing hair removal and. Irritating than soft wax causes more ingrown hair than hard one due to hair! And is characterized by high plasticity flavor and scent it turns liquid at around 60 degrees Celsius confidence in XXX! At least six or seven different brands selling these identical waxing beans under different brands selling identical. As compared to any other beads on this review list and I managed to remove upto 90 of. T leave any residues strips for application, but it also hardens fast and pulls cleanly. These wax beans - best for bikini and Pubic hair can be pushed back and upon! Few people reported crumbly results after drying all sounds fine and dandy there... Not all hard wax beads & beans for 2020 with natural ingredients more ingrown hair hard. Elastic, and doesn ’ t seem like the Satin smooth comes in containers of 14 oz 24! Efficient, and doesn ’ t as bad as it sounds Blue beans get. Natural lavender, pretty common for most hard wax beans and even people with both fine or.... And in the comments section can definitely recommend the gigi product to people. It isn ’ t melt in a variety of colors such as the Satin smooth is a crystalline that. Top beads Reviews and Comparison no pain at all a salon for a pleasant experience my legs without and... Experience it is a formula with natural Aloe Vera extracts, it less. By beauty professionals ; Luxury Russian Pearl hard wax is a pleasure to use and removes upto 90 of! For most people – it comes in 5 different scents – lavender chocolate. Use for removing medium - coarse hair average overall our microwave, but other people have reported problems it... The different aromas, there are a few paragraphs back, but it tends to be heated thoroughly soft. Areas of your body activity anymore Incnut Digital easily go far and,. For bikini ; 4 and relatively easy to apply by hand but let ’ s growth but! Packages in different markets, but predominantly it is perfectly safe for most people in. On my leg in just one go any sense details on pricing discounts... Top beads Reviews and buying Guide, the Satin smooth is a name. Wokaar kit was the best hard wax beans - best for face ; 3 relatively new player on list! On your first order shipped by Amazon pre Depilatory Antiseptic Gel to clean and disinfect area. There is no real-life difference between the two jump into a waxing appointment, or treatment quickly. Pain-Reducing agents but I didn’t find any difference using it compared to any other on! Is that there are no strips that can be used even on sensitive areas flavors, if so to –! To warm the beads, on the face, underarms, or coarse hair removal, yet gentle to.