With a capacity of 1500 grains, you can weigh powder, bullets, cases, cartridges and more. Doran 7000XL Stainless Steel Bench Scale with 14" column. Balance Accessories; Calibration Weights; Laboratory Balances; Microbalances; Scales; Weighing Papers and Dishes; Cell Culture & Analysis. Bench Scales feature a sturdy construction that make them ideal for use in both wet and dry applications. Mobile for enhanced usability. Nebulizer & Respiratory Parts & Accessories, Detecto EB-190 Series Stainless Steel Bench Scales with 190 Indicator, Detecto 4570 Receiving Balance Beam Bench Scale-130 lb Capacity, Ohaus C11 Catapult Compact Shipping Scales, Adam Equipment GBK-aM Series NTEP Check Weighing Scales, Brecknell 3800LP Series Bench Scale with SBI-505, Brecknell GP Portable Electronic Utility Bench Scales, Adam Equipment CPWplus-P Series Pillar Bench Scales, Adam Equipment GFK-aM Sereis NTEP Check Weighing Scales, Adam Equipment AFK Series Industrial Bench Scales, Adam Equipment AGF Bench and Floor Scales, Adam Equipment CKT Cruiser Bench Checkweighing Scales, Adam Equipment LBX Latitude Compact Bench Scales, Ohaus Defender 5000X Xtreme Standard Rectangular Bench Scales, Detecto 4520 Receiving Balance Beam Bench Scale, Detecto 4527PK Receiving Balance Beam Bench Scale, Detecto EB-205 Series Stainless Steel Bench Scales with 205 Indicator, Professional Discounts for Healthcare, Education, GSA & Government. Normally you would need several different scales in your shipping department well at least two. Industrial Weighing Bench Scales. Some bench scales are considered ‘compact’ as they include the display, keypad and platform in self-contained housing. bench platform scales for sale - 572 - bench platform scales wholesalers & bench platform scales manufacturers from China manufacturers. Contact Us Crane scales and dynamometers hang from a backloader, forklift, or beam for heavy-duty weighing applications such as … Medical and bathroom scales weigh individuals in doctors' offices and other healthcare environments. • Stainless steel shroud base resists corrosion and makes cleaning easy Was: $103.90. Free professional advice backed with a 7-day exchange policy. • Lower Beam Capacity: 300 lb x 50 lb / 140 kg x 20 kg • Display: Six digit 20 mm / 0.8" high red LED, • Accuracy: ± 3 displayed divisions Wheel kit and roller top platters available – with over 21 sizes and varied capacities from 15 to 600 lbs. Blog, Free Shipping Versatile scale and indicator, ideal for shipment weighing and livestock. | • Large LCD display Legal-for-Trade Bench-Top Scales with Remote Display Position the display up to 6 feet from the platform for an unobstructed view when weighing large loads. • Color coded keys Bench scales are typically used for weighing smaller items and are designed to be used on a worktop or bench - hence the name bench scales. • Platform Size: 10.5" W x 14.5" D, • 350 lb / 160 kg Capacity | Product Identifiers. • Wall mount bracket, • Backlit display changes colour for quick notification of checkweighing limits Cart. 1.800.360.9619. Compact bench scales include the display, keypad and platform in self-contained housing. $17.09 Used. • Lower Beam Capacity: 300 lb x 50 lb We also have NTEP approved bench scales for your commercial weighing needs and waterproof bench scales for those messy applications. This platform series is a perfect fit in many food manufacturing or chemical/pharmaceutical processing applications with a need for Construction; Fishing; Food Service; Forestry; Logistics; Manufacturing; Recycling; Wash Down; By Manufacturer. Huge Catalog! It has offices in the United States, Japan, Australia, Korea, Great Britain and China. • Weighing units: lb or kg, • Calibration in kg or lb The scale offers a simple counting function, but it can also be used for over/under check-weighing or classifying. Monday - Friday   9 - 5 PM CST, • Housing: ABS plastic Whether at the receiving or shipping dock; stand alone or computer based; in manufacturing or retail, you will get accurate weighments at an economical price and the durability you expect from Mettler Toledo. • Upper Beam Capacity: 50 lb x .25 lb Learn more about the DSB Floor Scale System. CAS EC Series Portable Bench Counting Scale 60 Lbx0.002 LB Rs232. OPF-N Precision Balance. • Large LED display Demanding weighing processes are performed reliably by the PBA430 and PBA4330x. Prime USA Scales offers bench scales that can be used for weighing boxes, bags, containers & other small items. The high quality weight transducer allows users to weigh any item, Browse range. No matter what you’re weighing, we offer a diverse range of solutions with the capacity - and accuracy - you require. • Load Cell Material: Aluminum Bench Scales -- We have tons of bench scales in stock and ready to ship to you! Used Scales for Sale; Services. Bench scales are designed for medium- to heavy-capacity industrial weighing. A wide variety of digital bench scales to choose from, to suit all requirements and budgets. A: Bench scales are specifically designed to be placed on a table/counter during weighing. Prime USA Scales offers bench scales that can be used for weighing boxes, bags, containers & other small items. The BC Scales are ideal for many straight weighing application where only gross weights are required … and where economy or system integration is important. Compact Bench Scales are used in Laboratory, Industrial, Commercial or Education Applications. They have a small footprint yet feature a large weighing pan, perfect for areas with limited space. The company is a world leader in high-technology measurement equipment and systems, with global sales over $200 million annually. We invite you to browse our site, call or message us with any questions and give us an opportunity to match or beat any authorized dealer price you find that is lower than ours. Two Locations in Canada for fast delivery of Ohaus Scout Pro Scale. • Push button tare. Easy to clean, these weighing platforms support internal quality management systems in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.The PBA430(x) weighing platforms are manufactured according to the recognized guidelines of the EHEDG1) and NSF1) – ideal for use in critical areas where foods such as meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables are processed or in bakeries.