Finish: Polished Ebony Finish: Polished Ebony Pre-Owned. Stop by to audition our most recent acquisitions or give us a call! display:none; background: rgba(255,255,255,0.3) !important; height:100%; In general, with sufficient upkeep, maintenance, and tunings, pianos can last decades. It is the perfect piano to start your musical adventures with. 2020-04-26 17:13:07 Like new, inside and out, this piano has a magnificent touch and tone. Finish: Polished Mahogany Browse Our Inventory. The Albert Weber pianos differ from similar-sized Young Chang pianos in that they use better-quality materials and have lower tension strings and softer hammers, both of which contribute to a “warmer” sound that is more reminiscent of the warm “Weber Tone” that Weber advertised heavily in the late nineteenth century. > Nordiska Baby Grand Piano – 2005 Model: CX-5 (42″) Console Piano width:100%; #huge_it_portfolio_popup_list_2 .popup-wrapper_2 .right-block .description h2, This piano is in our Chesterfield store but the lessons can be taken at either location. 120 Model: 174 (5’10”) Baby Grand #huge_it_portfolio_popup_list_2 .popup-wrapper_2 .image-block_2 { > Come and try this piano at Keyboard Concepts Fountain Valley! position:absolute; Great piano for someone looking for performance on a budget. width: 100% !important; Finish: Polished Ebony DESCENDING < < Pearl River UP110 Upright Piano – 2003 max-width: none !important; Yamaha B2 Upright Piano Kawai CX-5 Upright Piano – 1989 SA Downtown #huge_it_portfolio_content_2 #huge_it_portfolio_options_2 #sort-by{ < #huge_it_portfolio_content_2 #huge_it_portfolio_filters_2 ul li a { Beautiful condition, nice action and tone. Kawai CX-5 Upright Piano – 1989 Model: C143 (4’8″) Baby Grand Piano #huge_it_portfolio_popup_list_2 .heading-navigation_2 .right-change:hover, #huge_it_portfolio_popup_list_2 .heading-navigation_2 .left-change:hover{ #huge_it_portfolio_popup_list_2 .popup-wrapper_2 .right-block { > Manufacturer: Nordiska Finish: Polished Mahogany 2020-12-07 22:51:29 Young Chang PG-150 Baby Grand Piano z-index:199; The Kawai CX-21 is a popular model for those in need of full sound at an affordable price. display: inline-block; Price: $1,995 | Serial: 2035711 | Location: Sherman Oaks, call 1.818.787.0201 Price: $6,895 | Serial: 03525 | Location: Santa Monica – (310) 586-5588 Known for their affordability and functionality, Pearl River pianos have an excellent action, touch, and tone. The Piano Store offers a great selection of New and Pre-owned pianos such as Ritmuller, Brodmann, Pearl River, Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Shigeru, Baldwin, Steinway & Sons, Roland, Yamaha, Story & Clark, Kohler & Campbell and more! 277 Knabe WKG58 Grand ~ 2009 Hailun 161 Baby Grand Piano – 2008   For over 40 years, R. Kassman Purveyor of Fine Pianos has been a leader in offering the best new pianos and pre-owned pianos in the San Francisco Bay area. clear:both; line-height:18px !important; Finish: Polished Ebony } Pre-Owned Baldwin Grand Piano for Sale - 1977 Model SF-10 $16,999.00 MSRP $22,000.00. < Price: $6,295 | Serial: 3582901 | Location: Fountain Valley – (714) 544-0088 Details: 2007 Essex EUP123 48″ upright. < More Information? Come and experience this piano at Keyboard Concepts Fountain Valley! Pre-Owned Pianos. Model: Model B (6’11”) Grand padding-left: 31% !important; It plays very well and carries a balanced tone. } 265 Manufacturer: Kawai Price: $2,495 | Serial: 18720 | Location: Pasadena – (626) 583-9126 2020-11-06 13:32:08 The piano part plays live, and you hear the rest of the band from a speaker mounted under the piano! Price: $3,795 | Serial: 2199678 | Location: Sherman Oaks, call 1.818.787.0201 width: 20%; padding: 0 !important; > With a good tone and comfortable key action, this piano is ready to go! height:60% !important; Even at 5’3? This particular Model B is a great opportunity for someone looking for one that is relatively recent, all original, and priced to sell. This 9’ concert grand was rebuilt and has new strings. #huge_it_portfolio_content_2 #huge_it_portfolio_filters_2 ul li a:link, 267 Finish: Polished White For over 45 years we have been selling high-quality pre-owned pianos and every single piano has been hand-picked and thoroughly checked inside and out to make sure it is in great working and reselling condition. BUY NOW » height:90%;
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