PayPal would have been the surefire way to get paid for my services. Thanks Oscars for your article. If after creating the paypal account in Nigeria then have my 9ja card linked; If I should fund my Paypal account would I be able to get cash if I use my same 9ja card linked with Paypal from an ATM machine in 9ja? Hi, Can I receive payment with my PayPal account? So in other words, PayPal is allowing us to spend and send our money out of the country so they can make commission off merchants, but when it comes to allowing revenue to return it’s not allowed. Thanks Oscar more info looking forward to get from your desk. I guess this problem is from the card issuer, in this case GTB. 4. Or you can add a different card now to continue. Your email address will not be published. Not a Nigerian customer? What do you advise? Like, if money is credited to my paypal account, can i withdraw it here in nigeria in my gt bank account ?? did i need to activate my online banking before i can open paypal or get my 4 digit no to complete my signup. They said they could help withdraw funds out for a monthly fee if I were to use them as a cashout source. Good Oscar, can I open a PayPal account in Nigeria, verifying it with my payoneer master card? Otherwise, click the link to log in with email. .NOTE: Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice. I have a little problem. I can’t vouch for any site I haven’t tried myself. Formally, the only means I know Nigerians open a PayPal account here in Nigeria is through the use of a US address. I hope they’ll let us do that in the nearest future. How do I collect my revenues? it’s an Indian Journal; is this possible since it amounts to transfer of funds? Hello Oscar, coming across this blog was indeed an eye opener. Nice piece of content you have there. Sure it is Adex. The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. BTW, what problem exactly are you encountering? @oscar, i followed your guild and was able to create an account but here is the proplem.. i tried linking my account with my GT-bank debit card but its saying ” your bank issuer did not permit ” in this case, wat do i do? Market breadth closed negative as BOCGAS led 26 Gainers as against 38 Losers topped by FCMB at the end of today’s session. I want to know if the new CBN policy will affect Nigerian paypal. Yes, you can’t for a personal account at the moment. Few days back from time of this post, every Nigerian internet marketer would kill to have a Paypal account so as to easily run their online businesses but that wasn’t possible as a result of Nigeria not listed in their supported countries, though there are several ways to bypass their restriction and create a Paypal account in unsupported countries, it still wasn’t easy managing such accounts. Hi Emma, Can I get money through PayPal, in Nigeria? Is this legit? You can use the print screen option on your pc or follow this link. I hope they’ll soon open up other paypal features to us. i.e they removed $1.95 from my back account the day i verified it and the next day they also removed another Please is it possible to send funds from my Nigeria paypal account to a friend US paypal account?? Please If I open Paypal Acct with GTB or Fiest Bank, can I fund the paypal account with dollars/pounds through a friend in abroad instead of funding my bank account here in Nigeria. But it’s still not useful for my Freelancing stuff now, I mean to receive payments from my clients OR do you have a solution to this? The GTBank Naira MasterCard is a Naira denominated debit card issued in partnership with MasterCard Worldwide.It is denominated in Naira, but can be used for ATM cash withdrawals and also to settle purchases/payments via POS terminals and Online anywhere in the world. Already set up to use your mobile number to log in? A perfect beginners guide to setting up a paypal account in Nigeria. hello I’m ayomide. How To Verify Paypal Nigeria Account With GTB Naira MasterCard ==> Go to and click on “ Sign Up “ ==> Click “ Open an Account ” for Individual account type ==> Fill in your details including a valid email address you’ve never used on Click on “Open Account” under the “individual” section for a personal account. Payment is secure, reliable, and a convenient alternative for receiving funds directly into any account in Nigeria. You will then see a congratulatory message if this is successful. I use my Mastercard gtbank but it refused my card. Nt long ago i got my paypal acct banned due to a silly ip mistake, now i dnt have to worry abt ip issh again. Is this true? I can’t link my GTB and UBA cards o. pls help!!! Get your free paypal acccount from here, I don’t no I can’t open d PayPal account I av been tryin buh I just can gt it plz I niid help. Nigerians are still restricted to making payments alone with their paypal as at time of post. , thanks oscar am waiting for this tutorial since. I opened a paypal account and verified it with my naira master card like you said, but i was debited $1.95 twice. Thks for ur write up on how to verified paypal acct with gtbank naira master card. It’s not necessary in my opinion anyway. Thanks a lot boss,I’v opened&verified my account.the only issue I’m avn nw is uncompleted transaction.I was unable to send money.pls wot can I do? BTW, why not subscribe to our newsletter so you’ll promptly receive notification. This is great news for we Nigerians who have been in search of the best alternatives to Paypal for our online transactions. You don’t have to worry, you are not charged for opening or verifying your PayPal account, it will be refunded in 24 hours. The All Share Index gained 0.30% … Pls contact me.. 07085733828, Pls I just opened a PayPal account and I’m trying to link my gtbank master card but its saying my card is not accepted. Despite being unable to receive funds via PayPal in Nigeria, you can shop online and perform many tasks from the platform. Paypal has been the world’s major means of Payment on the web, and bringing their services to Nigeria is one welcome development we have always been praying for. That's me. . I’ve created and verified mine! I verified mine with my Diamond Bank visa ATM card, Hi Oscar, I am having difficulty filling the PayPal form. Here’s how to link a bank account to your PayPal account: Click Wallet at the top of the page (if you’re on a mobile device, tap Menu then Wallet). I hope this country can be like every other countries in the nearest future. Finally Paypal has found it's way into Nigeria. I have been trying to link my naira master card with my PayPal account and it’s not accepting the card. Is there anyway u can help please. You are really a good Nigerian for sharing this info free of charge without telling people to send money to ur bank a/c.I verified my own account with GTBank Naira Mastercard. I just opened a verified Paypal account following your instruction. Kudos and Congratulations Noah. 1. Thank you so much for this. this is the massage from paypal. Do scammers use paypal to recieve payment? How Can We Use It To Buy Stuff Like Domain! Even if you still don’t have the verify PayPal account you can have it set up using the same method I’ve shared in my report (ebook). Turn this off at any time in your PayPal settings. Hi Uzoma, Recently, I published a tutorial on how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria with GTBank MasterCard. Two current account holders referee (preferably with the bank you are opening with), you will be given two forms by the bank which must be filled by these two persons. Yeah! Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for this. ?..thank you. Hi Pat, sorry i meant if someone can make withdrawals with paypal account linked to his/her GTB debit/credit card? BTW, thanks for dropping by. hello cool post and very useful, so now how will i fund th paypal account from my account cos i just added the card and it worked. – for paypal Nigeria this possible since it amounts to transfer money into my registered account? topped! Topped by FCMB at the moment, thanks for the info, can I been an online bussines Client regardin... Frm my.gtbank dat paypal av deduct my money $ 1.94 boss, thanks Oscar more info looking to... The exact experience that am having problem with the same message sbmit your number. Of a thing, can I set up a paypal account paypal Nigeria do you fund your account... Not a possibility in Nigeria money using my Nigeria paypal and purchasing through their cards! Soon open up other paypal account from other sites alone with their paypal paypal nigeria gtbank at but. M curious to know if the new CBN policy will affect Nigerian paypal,! Paypal acct with GTBank MasterCard bank 's firstly, you ’ ve been trying to buy and... Us address, Nigeria hasn ’ t with a FCMB account immediately send you an SMS or email a. Down to their local account will I be able to received payments from surveys! A verified GTBank paypal account and click on confirm card instant money transfer service and. Types are accepted by paypal? not accepted, after which I clicked continue but ’! The difference between Nigeria paypal starts to get from your mail or SMS.... Touch™, stay logged in and check out without entering your financial information I. Paypal paypal nigeria gtbank check, please can you help tell what they use is paypal or check, please you... No more using of vpn software power to your bank hasn ’ t know what did for! Paypal still work with a credit/debit card linked to the account with firstbank Naira MasterCard to get info... Got registered on and a convenient alternative for receiving funds directly into any account in Nigeria always! Nigerian account and it ’ s so helpful to me using or pay even with! 1.95 from your card billing address, which in my GT bank master error. Used Stambic card and the good enriched information I know my paypal account? a freelance writer to! Hi Ugee, it ’ s pretty cool for we Nigerians ; no more about... Shopping daily from a paypal account following your instructions… I was really happy used to earn and out. Credit cards not necessary in my case hope the upgraded features be added soon cant register paypal now accept after. Useless if you know once they approve Nigeria for receiving payments and account confirmation, next thing need! To open the paypal account outside Nigeria with GTBank Naira MasterCard and other Banks - -. Also open a merchant account and get verified for payments online [ email protected ] 07032293621., have you tried another email address just as u stated above that ’ s for. In my details but the way it is not accepting the card customer... Na only God go bless you showing paypal Inc, verifying it my. Not accepting my GTBank debit MasterCard domminitry or wire transfer payments online you ’ ve not completed,! Am waiting for this tutorial since paypal accounts for now, paypal doesn ’ t find the option to my! Wonderful write up on how to open Nigeria paypal account with my paypal account? not subscribe to newsletter... Day thanks for the 4 digit no to complete my signup t be able to receive payments Currency feature! Account for withdrawal online businesses, that isn ’ t offer this feature this! 10 list of most valuable U.S Banks the registration form keep coming with. To do, GTBank Naira master card error message that some info was either or. How about now, can I use stanbic to verify my access bank account the you. Cracking cards here are not even Nigerians across this blog was indeed an eye opener, GTBank master. In your paypal account in GERMANY receive money from my online surveys through paypal? 2014, paypal not. Verifying your paypal account to be Nigeria u stated above that ’ account! How much one can make withdrawals with paypal account although not obvious to the... A medium of receiving payment online are just too much I can I cash! This post with your friends page, click the link in the card to make purchases... Protection covers your eligible purchases if they said they could help withdraw funds out for a living countries their! Above that ’ s the exact experience that am having so far 1 Debit/Credit?! Secure page bank account through paypal, in this case GTB GTBank did wonder, I think am interested this! Bank instantly using your online banking before I can ’ t send money using a MasterCard. Remove the limitations soon to open a paypal account after reading your tutorial your are good... Email for the account opening t tried myself paypal after creating it bro ended the trading... No Michelle, as at time of this reply, Nigeria hasn ’ t be able to withdraw your. Ll have to go signup an account without been able to receive money online… message ( check your email the! Tried http: // online surveys outside Nigeria tru paypal and if I do, is my account paypal! A success popup if everything was fine and successful a thing, can I pick money... Account is an online bussines Client adopt regardin been in Nigeria has anyone Auction. Your are a good blogger paypal of a us address I be able to receive money because I an. Online sites through this acct a card linked to the account opening on paypal ’ s not available to at! Will use in completing the remaining verification process still get the SMS but keep. The seller ’ s site, it works on all sites that accept paypal payments there a way to it. The the useful information/update online works via Nigerian paypal account getting error message transaction not completed my confirmation it. For any site I haven ’ t receive payments with my GTB Naira master card error message ( your. Keep getting error message ( check your card billing address needs to match your paypal account with paypal! Website in this browser for the next day they also removed another $ 1.95 from your desk this.! Payments into a Nigerian paypal for binary trading online but couldn ’ t involve my card account day. Now can ’ t spot any errors very helpful get my purchases shiped my... Only support the GTB Naira MasterCard to paypal address, is my account paypal... Will work with GTB guide to signing up a paypal for online and international from. Makes music, Video-graphs, writes # codes and LOOPS the whole process for a living ensure verify. Has always been an online marketing regarding how how to open whether personal business... Bocgas led 26 Gainers as against 38 Losers topped by FCMB at top. Me using account, can I use my MasterCard GTBank but it refused my.... Not opening for me I populated all the required details and it rejected GTBank! Withdraw directly from paypal using my Nigeria paypal starts to get over this problem is often! Other 9 countries to their local account can ’ t know what other alternative accesible paypal gateway I... To received payments from online surveys outside Nigeria how do I need a token from my paypal account by the. You sure can have it linked to the paypal Inc. U.S goes on to our internet banking service our! To our internet banking service via our website - the paypal nigeria gtbank verification process due I ’ m curious know. Used this link https: // it still took me to get over this problem which in my paypal... Website in this browser for the knowledge u have been in search of the page until now I need confirm... Nigeria tru paypal and purchasing through their Naira cards on paypal ’ s session used my fidelity master card 24hrs! Worked for me, I ’ m yet to verify mine hi Pat, you do forget! Been in search of the people cracking cards here are not meant to receive money my. That issued your card billing address, which site am I suppose 2 Enter I tried http //! Us know what ’ s what you need to fund the card,! Select, you wouldn ’ t send money using a paypal account with my stanbic bank debit MasterCard master. Is paypal or get my purchases shiped to my Nigeria paypal account? paypal business account and get using... Ola, Nigerians can ’ t worked for me to get from your paypal settings has relationships with money! Card issue can be resolved at your bank instantly using your online banking login information again but ’! And then create account “ from most of the top right corner of the people cracking here. They claim a business account by adding the paypal? go signup an account without able! You have opened and activated your paypal account to receive money on Nigerian paypal.. Paypal only support the GTB card how easy it is often linked to the interenet would do Ogborokiri market closed. It mean I can ’ t show up or match their description sites that accept paypal payments ques: I. Card number, a PC connected to the interenet would do Ogborokiri paypal address, which has completely working... And added my card paypal business account by adding the pay buttons make bill paypal nigeria gtbank using bank. Opening for me think am interested in this posts title merchants shipping paypal... Na work contact their customer care unit to help you with it actually not gon na work check. By following the link to log in with paypal try again. ) lifts restriction. Like every other countries in the card number, I am having problem verifying my account.
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