An accessory that is very effective at increasing attack speed and damage, with +10% ASPD and +7% damage. for sure can reach thats full crit n 193 aspd already...just need more demage... Just want to correct you on one thing and by proxy anyone else in advance, the 1 ASPD from BxB merely covers the loss of ASPD you get by using it over something like an Elven Bow. For the damage, I like your hat, garment and shoes. Gives +1 ASPD at +9, and additional +1 ASPD for every 2 refine levels after +9. At +9, HP/SP absorption amount is doubled. 3) what middle n lower best for crit ranger? Much thanks guys. Good gear to increase DPS. YEAH, he's right. No BoP shield buff. Note however, that autocasts from CD in mouth is not counted towards hitting Emperium in WoE. Ranger Job Base(s): Hunter Sniper: Job Type: 3-1 Job Level: 60 Race: Human: Changes At: Turtle Island Number of Skills: 22 Total Skill Points: 100 Total Quest Skills: 0 Job Bonuses STR: AGI: VIT: INT: DEX: LUK +2 +10 +6 +9 +8 +2 Contents. 1 Overview; 2 Job Change Guide; 3 Builds. Can also be enchanted with various Old Glast Heim. What I said is based on you already got 193. If upgrade level is +10 or higher,: All Stat + 10. A good weapon for WoE, PVP or tanking demi-human monsters. As for priest buffs it wax bless Gloria and lex. At +9, increases Arrow Storm damage additionally by 2% per 10 Base Level. If the users base level is 175 or higher: All Stat + 10. +9 Dex boots with ea4 RM(RM procs with demonic fire) But for me, that safety net is worth the damage reduction. for +7% attack, +5% ranged damage, if upgraded to +9. From iRO Wiki. +12 BxB is better for the most part than a +14 Elven. Auto Crit Warg Ranger (Instances) Sign in to follow this . for sure can reach thats full crit n 193 aspd already...just need more demage... with +12BXB(Sharp3/ea1) / crit shadow armor) / FAW (crit) / wws(sharp2/1) with ranger buff self reach 102 crit, maybe can covered with +12 faw with special agi enchant...but still thinking about crit demage to, n if i m use gigantic bow  i will lose sharp3 on BXB n also lose aspd n need cover it with my faw so i will lose my full crit n also crit demage from faw. You should first think about how to get full cri. Ranger Cecil Card: If used by Ranger: Crit + 20; Increases physical damage on targets by 15% when using a bow. +12 eddga (+300 AFK proc) thanks dev and piaos, about the buffs =D =D =D, also about crit for ranger, with that high damage, and use of full throttle --> is full throttle really routinely ? Reveal hidden targets around you, casting Warg Bite by chance. Bows are the main weapons of the Archer and Hunter classes, but can also be used by the Thief, Rogue, Bard and Dancer classes. In place of those two things I went over to bravery and golem's blood. 3.1 Bow Department. Dropped By: Powerful Soldier Skeleton Phylla Info Item ID : Compound: Headgear Pre/Suffix: of Sharp Description: DEX + 1 AGI + 1 When dealing physical damage, there's a chance that for 4 seconds you will receive CRIT + 20. Set bonus with True Cecil Damon Card: Adds a 3% chance of buffing the user for 6 seconds when performing a physical attack; Atk + 100. So max HP, soft def and perfect dodge will help a lot. ^^. farming instances is more like mvping, but with so many instances you really have to pick and choose which one to use it on, so its not really dependable for regular things? I was able to do 540k on bee without any gods. Search This Blog. Ranger Vs Faceworm with new OCP's Perverse Demon Mask iRO Chaos Ragnarok Online ୧༼ ͡ д ͡ ༽୨ - Duration: 21:48. And in my opinion, there is no need to sacrifice dex to get base 120a, just for the bxb bonus. Dropped By: Phylla Assaulter Info Item ID: … iRO Wiki Copy Site. Detonates certain traps, as well as those in the 7x7 area of that trap. You currently have javascript disabled. Moi, j'en ai un avec chaque canne feeder. Damage depends on size. When upgraded to a high refine, this bow is the strongest for Arrow Storm and can be very expensive. Ranger is the third job class of Hunter/Sniper. HP/SP leeching gear. And no, Gigantic is good providing you can cover the loss of ASPD, but Elven not so much... Namely because there are plenty O' ghost mvps and Elven can't get a bonus from an immaterial arrow. Melee pokes still hit though. so basically I got 40 crit rate + 60 from drosera (which cant be seen on the stat screen). Otherwise DPS will be higher with Lucky Day proc due to Warg's 100%. An excellent headgear for Auto-Warg ranger to increase ASPD. Autocast various bolts while physically attacking. Rangers are masters of traps and hunting enemies. I don't want to talk about the damage loss between 192 and 193. Stat points are gained with base levelincreases, the amount increasing with higher levels. In my case it was Immobilizes a target and drains his SP over time. Ranger Ranger. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Chance to transform into Eddga, giving additional (25 * refine level) ATK. 2*Gold scarab RWC runs with atk/FS enchants. Hors ligne 18-12-2016 19:51:48. Followers 2. Just want to correct you on one thing and by proxy anyone else in advance, the 1 ASPD from BxB merely covers the loss of ASPD you get by using it over something like an Elven Bow. If worn with. Therefore, equipments that increase. However, the SP cost of Arrow Storm can be doubled or more when using this, depending on refine rate. Stats Stats. The Ranger is the 3rd job class of Archers. SB + Critchance gem + ppad + pierce (for the MORE damage) + Slower proj (again) + Poison. Any status resistance card especially to counter bleeding, stun and silence. I was testing attacks in PVP and noticed that my all my ranged auto attacks and skills missed on some players (Ranger, Sura). These are good options to use, especially if they can one-shot the monsters already. Gears can be very expensive as multiple sets have to be acquired (some for AS purpose, while some for auto-warg). As a side point, can I ask how on earth did you do 500k Cart Cannon?! Gunslingers are always looking for a chance to show off their talent. white wing suits(sharp3/luk+2) or +9wwsuits(ea enchant), AAblush or BDM(essence force3) or robo eye, 1) what best card for my BXB?AK/aunoe / AS. Elven is weak for ghost 4 boss. Size Damage Small: 100% Medium: 100% Large: 75% Contents. Contents [hide] 1 Primary Stats; 2 Substats; 3 Quasi-Stats; 4 Leveling Up; 5 Raising Stats; 6 Stat Reset; 7 Notes; Primary Stats. Replaced links, do not link to RMS. Puts the user in a semi-cloaked status, meanwhile increasing, A self-buff to increase ranged attacks by 50-250% for a minute. I saw some rangers can hit 30++ K and I’m wondering how I can achieve that. @++ John. A good all-rounder purpose to increase +5% ASPD and 10% elemental resist from, Hybrid (Autowarg and Arrow Storm) [Leveling/End-Game build]. Un diamètre 25 ou 32 doit convenir. Bug Reports/Suggestions: Discord Processing Time: … The Ragnarok Online Calculator by ROratorio, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance, skills and damage from Characters in PVM, MVP and PVP environments Bug Reports/Suggestions: Discord Processing Time: … Def+6, Atk+30, 10% additional damage on Brute monsters. If you dont take any food, luk glove with Kobold/Tiyanak Card is a good choice. The warg's "Blitz Beat" ability, including auto-strike. Rocking LD/AD luk boots. GOBI 26 ManiaC Lieu: Pres de VALENCE Date d'inscription: 22-02-2008. My ranger only has 100a. Other options that do not have increased SP cost: Using Elven Bow with Elven Arrows or Hunter Bow with Hunter Arrows adds a 50% ranged damage bonus. Hardly go below 13 mins for this Ranger. I finally feel comfortable enough to start picking up crit nodes. In your case, your cri is 41+ wws (sharp 2/1) 15 + faw 10 + cri shadow armor 10+ bxb 12 = 88. Attacks are dealt with in this game by two core definitions, a basic attack and a critical attack. Excellent when used with 120 base LUK for +30% critical damage. From iRO Wiki. with +12BXB(Sharp3/ea1) / crit shadow armor) / FAW (crit) / wws(sharp2/1) with ranger buff self reach 102 crit. Each attack is slightly different and are essentially skills unto their own right, however there are two rules that must always be followed. Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. You should build your own by yourself. At +7, increases ATK by 2 for every 5 base INT. Crit Ranger questions - posted in Archer Class: Hey guys, back on break and recently had time to improve my ranger. Some players that are able to one-shot monsters within a map without the set may opt for a Raydric Carded garment for more protection however. … But to be honest, the rm is really hard to proc, so I usually use speed of light to get aspd boost. Stats breakdown: Must wear the full set for maximum Arrow Storm damage. This gear is pending further change from WarpPortal. Deal damage, making the target immobile and unable to use some cloaking skills. Unless for w/e reason you were rolling a Balista until this point, then it won't really count as +1 ASPD. Right now I'm @ 5k hps / 32k ballistas / 15k frenzy / 93% accuracy / 93% crit chance / 422% crit multi. Ranger Weapon Shadow Increases the damage of Bomb Cluster by 20%. Re: Rangement scion feeder. Main. Immanuel Cleofe. This build uses dagger and shield to provide more defense. Enables up to four cards to be slotted into the weapon for a highly flexible playing style. Fun With Leo 3,094 views Just a lot of buffs like RM, odin, striking, fire insignia. Th… 100% Long Range Damage Reduction - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: As per title, is 100% long-range damage reduction achievable with gear and cards? The list of enchants is further explained in, A footgear that is very effective at increasing attack speed. but my auto blitz isnt triggering that much. Having 120 AGI is not a bad thing, you can then overstack ASPD for when you get MVP mobs that debuff (decreased agi etc) you like Egnigem and GUK. Well that's not the case for me, I get those debuffs and keep on trucking. Which of the two robe enchants would be best? Ps. Bored with only target practice in smoggy Einbroch, Gunslingers have decided to take up adventuring, like so many from the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, in order to live a life of excitement and fame. This is the primary build for leveling and / or AoE damage output with, This is a balance between pure autowarg and arrow storm builds. Mounts the user on his warg, increasing movement speed but limiting attacks and skills. Stats are the six fundamental character statistics that make (or break) a character. 3) BDM Dark Lord Essence 3 or Robo Eye and Well-Chewed Pencil. All stats +20%. A garment that can be enchanted to greatly raise certain stats. In your case, your cri is 41+ wws (sharp 2/1) 15 + faw 10 + cri shadow armor 10+ bxb 12 = 88. You should take Luk20 food, Takoyaki, Buche De Noel and even Abrasive. 1 Weapon Level 1; 2 Weapon Level 2; 3 Weapon Level 3; 4 Weapon Level 4; 5 Related Articles; Weapon Level 1. because I read somewhere that every 3 luk gives 1% auto blitz trigger chance. Perfect Dodge +20. Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. Stats start out with a base value of 1 and can be raised as far as 99 (up to 80 on baby classes). Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. I use HF, so I also has weapon perfection, thrust. and I farmed 4 drosera cards (gives +15 crit for long range attacks). This build also rely on vit and luk as defensive stat, not agi, since trapper mostly mobbing. So assuming I had one choice to boost dmg for an autowarg crit. 4)You can use a Critical Shadow Set ( http://www.divine-pr...t-shadow-weapon & ),switch a ROFL for activate Fury or use things like Abrasive,Petite Tail Noodles,Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich etc. Gunslingers are flashy and confident New Age warriors that rely on a wide array of guns and powerful skills to deal as much damage as possible in a short amount of time to their enemies. ViciousIV 1 ViciousIV 1 1st Class; Members; 1 11 posts; Posted August 30, 2018. The warg damage will be less than bxb/gigantic. But for the weapon, elven/gigantic bow with aunoe is better than bxb for crit build, but as you know bxb give you 1aspd and cri, so it all depends. so getting items that give crit chance are useless? Gives the user a chance to shoot several arrows rapidly by chance when attacking. And also it is level 3 weapon. A good weapon for pull/tanking purposes. Can also be enchanted with various Old Glast Heim, A footgear that is selected to maximize critical damage. Bxb is good because of two slots and sharp enchantment,and also the best weapon for as. This accessory and other, A Sound Amplifier has a very large boost to a performer skill (, The objective of this build is to ensure 100% critical rate and max aspd (193 ASPD) to hitlock an enemy (that is, to flinch an enemy by attacking at quick and regular intervals so that it can not move towards the attacker). Loading... Unsubscribe from Immanuel Cleofe? Much thanks guys. 2) Hawkeye is superior when on No Limits. iRO Wiki Copy Site. Trapper is a build of ranger which is completely different with typical ranger build. Deal up to 1800% damage to all targets in a wide area. SP Leeching gears (such as Rideword Hat, Vanagrand Helm, Incubus Pet) are expensive and may not be viable to new players. 1) Aunoe for critical / AS for Arrow Storm (leveling purpose), 2) Hawkeye have more DPS,but i prefer LD because LD dont suck sp like hawkeye, 3) BDM [0] or BDM [1] carded with Dark Pinguicula,Phylla or Arc Angeling card. At +9, it has a higher SP leech proc rate than a +9 Rideword Hat. Quite useful in reducing Arrow Storm cast time. Le tube IRL ou IRO convient bien car pas trop lourd et résistant. 4) tell me anything can help increase my crit demage...!! While mounted, makes your warg run fast in a single direction. Page 1 of 44 - (V)adHatter's Dual Dagger Crit GX Guide - posted in Thief Class: Hello everyone, Since Ive been getting more and more requests for help as for what a DD crit build should look like, I decided to make a quick guide. Otherwise, I'd go for AS and it will be switable for Arrow Storm as well. You should take Luk20 food, Takoyaki, Buche De Noel and even Abrasive. Slower Projectiles gem has the cool side effect of not letting me kill stuff too far offscreen and since we shoot ARROWS our projectiles can not get shorter than a fixed amount so thats not an issue with the gem on bow builds. In term of gameplay they are probably the greatest class in PvM/PvE in term of self-sufficient and offensive. It benefits from having decent SP pool for. Cannot be used with a falcon. iRO Chaos Strongest Crit Ranger of All time vs Fenrir GMT!!! A flexible build which is really useful in solo-ing instances such as Old Glast Heim Memorial and Hazy Forest where there are mobs and MVPs to clear. If your assumption stands zayaan, maybe I can change my FaW enchants to EA's instead of crit. From iRO Wiki. Each Archer Skeleton Card will increase ranged damage by 10%. 1) AK if boss only. STR+5, MHP+5%, -10% damage from Fire monsters. An excellent headgear for Auto-Warg ranger to increase arrow damage. 4) Shadow Gears (High total upgraded Physical Set, Liberation Set, Dexterous Armor, or Critical Set should be good too). An all rounder garment to increase ASPD, Ranged Damage, Neutral Resistance, Critical Damage when used with 90 AGI/DEX/VIT/LUK respectively. HP/SP leeching gear. CRIT + 9 If the user's base level is 100 or higher, additional CRIT + 1. General purpose variable cast time reduction gear. This is not recommended for shared computers, Hawkeye is superior when doing CRIT with CRIT damage stack. Allows the user to call a warg with his warg flute. It has a higher HP leech proc rate than Vanargand Helm, which makes it suitable for trapper build. After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Ranger and receive a free hat that is wearable at lvl 100 as well as a stat boosting ring. Stats are the six fundamental character statistics that make (or break) a character. First reach 193/full cri, and then think about the damage. iRO Hybrid Ranger arrow storm+crit warg. … Increases CRIT damage on targets by 5%. Stats start out with a base value of 1 and can be raised as far as 99.
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