It is not really a directory theme (and it’s quite simple) but I think it would do great as a city guide. When it comes to browsing the site, this directory theme for WordPress makes it very easy for visitors to view the listings, with related listings being continually displayed without any page reloads for a smooth user experience. Therefore WordPress happens to be the best platform to create a directory website. Here’s a few screenshots how it looks like… Hello, I recently bought DIRECTORY THEME from PremiumPress. This theme has a sleek, professional design. This includes a responsive layout built on the WPZoom framework, an optional homepage post content slider, and easy to use controls for changing the colours and fonts used on your site. You can set up in this theme in minutes and move on to customizing and monetizing your site. If you know what you want, hire a developer and pay some thousand to get what you want, to modify one of these themes, or build it yourself. Having the option to display full width background videos on the homepage of your website means that by choosing Listify, there is no reason your listings website has to look like the countless other online directories out there. @Ryan, are you associated with Vantage in anyway ? Hey, Thanks for this great list! I happen to be working on a directory project and came across this in my research. These events that I’m creating will most likely be out in the sticks so I need a theme that can pin point businesses locations by post code (area code). What is up with that? Your site will also have the ability to help manage bookings and timeslots, thanks to the advanced directory features of this theme. My gut is saying that this will be the WooCommerce of directory plugins but time will tell. If you have any comments, please let us know in the comment section below. Tnxs in advance. Similarly, Wiloke Submission is there to allows your users to submit their own listings. Essentially I need something with a Google Map near me search, as well as the ability to sort by ratings – except I do the ratings myself. 6 months). Despite this being a single-focus theme, you do get enough flexibility to adapt it to promote other types of eateries, such as cafes, bistros, or delis. They are not a replacement for your WP theme in any way (they work together!). C. The company receives a confirmation email with all of the details. For end users, submitting a listing to your directory is very straightforward thanks to the front end submissions forms. — Only using Paypal as the payment gateway — Charging extra for functionality to drive up the cost — Only single location search — Limited layout styling or non-responsive — Generally ugly layout –….. you get the point. Want to learn how to build a great theme? However, it could be worth it to someone. GeoDirectory is scalable and 100% SEO optimized. An awesome, very useful list. There is even a  dedicated user dashboard system in place. There is also a designer tool for making it very simple to change the colours used on the site. The content would include some text, photo’s and a reviews section. If you want the features and possibilities of the Vantage theme, but prefer a different design and appearance for your site, which is also responsive, then this child theme is the perfect choice. It doesn’t matter whether you want to find a place to eat, discover a movie theater, or even search for an electrician in the area. Better I suppose than the fact you were previously directed to wp-admin of all placed. For example, if my reader in NYC is looking for a sleep consultant. The Babysitter Directory WordPress Theme is one of the best selling WordPress themes in the TemplateMonster site. With PremiumPress you have the freedom to create, design and manage your directory website exactly the way you want. Not just that, it also comes with an amazing radius search feature . Build a professional directory & classifieds website like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Airbnb,, Tripping, FlipKey, HomeAway or similar in minutes! Just a few thought … basically the DIRECTORY THEMES works well for me. This post is really good for me. The integrated quick start walkthrough guide will have your site up and running in no time at all, allowing you to get a good overview of the different features and settings before you start adding content. The Expedition directory theme even comes bundled with a dynamic homepage builder which allows you to easily determine which content and features are displayed on your homepage – simply by dragging and dropping the corresponding widgets into place. Directory Starter is a simple and straightforward WordPress Directory Listing theme, considering it is a free theme. This is the big money maker of your directory site. Hi there, don’t suppose anyone could tell me if I’m looking in the right area for a UK wide accomodation listings site? This is thanks not only to its modern and attractive design, but also its support for mobile devices due to its responsive layout. I’m looking into making a business directory for child care centers in my state. Submit your theme to the official theme repository. I only need to have 2 or 3 listing categories (accommodation and related venues), and within these will need a search tool for users to identify types and locations. anyone know if any of these options has native IOS and Android applications so users would install the app for consulting places or listings? However, if you are looking for a suitable theme for your site, then there is also a GeoDirectory theme which is an ideal partner for this plugin. These are great functionalities, but the option to include them is a double on the cost. Very well said! Each of the different listings category pages, such as restaurant type or location can also feature a Google Map complete with markers, which your visitors can then click on to find out more about your listed establishments and eateries. But still. It’s like searching for a unicorn! It’s a little overwhelming. Still looking for the “perfect” one though…that’s why I’m here. The design of this theme has been modelled on the style made popular by pioneers of the sharing economy Airbnb. (I realise the competition before anyone comments, I’ve got a niche area.) Users can also add listings to their favourites for quick access on return visits to your site. This theme also features some amazing tools to provide a significant boost to your SEO. Although Point Finder comes equipped with the right post types to help you collect the relevant data for each listing, you can also easily add your own custom fields to each listing type to make them more relevant to your project. If you want to change anything, you need specialist who knows these framework. GeoCraft V2 is a business directory WordPress theme and a surefire strategy to build a directory website in few minutes and fewer clicks. Thanks to the built-in booking system, Listeo is ideal for creating accommodation directories, while the private messaging system gives your users an easy way to communicate with each other, all without having to leave your directory. Visitors can leave feedback on the entries, thanks to the inclusion of a star rating feature and user comment forms. The ‘a’ in aThemes stands for Awesome. This ensures that a payment is collected from your users on a regular schedule, on an automated basis. As well as the impressive user interface, the Elementor page builder also includes over 50 useful modules for adding elements to your content. Support isn’t too great but you could easily get by with this theme, it has many features. . While some directory WordPress themes require you to pay for a Google API to add interactive maps to your listings site, that’s not the case with Listeo. Among these templates are designs that include interactive maps, different column arrangements, image galleries, and lots of other elements. It has also been made extremely easy to create a unique and fresh look for your website through its dynamic homepage builder. Each of the demos works in a slightly different way, with varied options for how the listings are displayed and how users interact with them. As WooCommerce can sell physical and digital products, not to mention manage an affiliate or drop shipping store, it provides a whole new realm of possibilities for monetising your directory website. Among the useful features of Eventum, you’ll find the ability to publish recurring events, keep track of, and share event attendees, archive past events for reference, and the ability to link events and listings together to help visitors find related submissions. Does not output a trailing slash Top ↑ I was trying to change the custom post types but i could not able to do, because they are using framework to built this theme . Built with user experience in mind, this theme allows people to build impressive directory sites even with zero technical knowledge. Thanks to the way that you can organize the content in your directory, the filters make it very easy for your visitors to find the type of listings they’re looking for. To find out more, please visit these collections to see what else is on offer: Here is the list of the best directory themes for WordPress: ListingPro is an all-in-one WordPress theme that includes everything needed to launch an online directory. Javo makes good use of Google Maps and allows your visitors to navigate the maps and then click on the markers to find more about each of your listings. Through the listings builder feature, you can pick and choose which fields are available for the entries in your directory. In addition to all the features that will help you build a professional services website, Service Finder also has many features to ensure your website looks great. The listings can divided up into categories and sub-categories, allowing you to easily display a wide range of attractions, businesses, or events on your website, while making them easy to manage and browse. This is a multi-purpose theme based on the giant Directorist plugin that is designed specifically for any type of directory websites. Lies das Theme-Entwicklerhandbuch (engl. When it comes to monetizing your directory website, Listify isn’t short of options. It … Listable combines a professional looking design with some great monetization options to help you build a profitable directory website with WordPress. This theme also features an easy to use Shortcode generator with custom shortcodes. The best part is that you can set up an unlimited number of packages, and the packages include single listings as well as “membership” listings. 20 Best Free WordPress Fashion Themes for Latest Fashion Trends! so which is which? A follow up post here with a link would be great. Although the demos are all ready to go and can be imported into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks, they can all be thoroughly customized, too, thanks to good levels of compatibility with the Elementor page builder plugin. This theme is also translation ready and compatible with WPML. Each type of listing can have its own marker for quickly conveying to visitors what type of business or organisation it is. The theme comes with a stunning modern design that is neat and professional. Urbango is an ambitious theme with a modern design and a long list of features that aims to be suitable for a wide range of projects. To allow you to build your own custom page layouts which are tailored to your preferences and those of your community, the theme makes use of modular content blocks which can be dragged and dropped into place. The individual listings pages will appeal to businesses as they get a good opportunity to provide lots of useful information and photos about their listing, while visitors can leave user reviews to share their feedback with the community. Download DirectoryPRO – WordPress Directory Theme 4.0.3 Nulled. Why You Should Learn About WordPress File and Directory Structure? Create Directory Website with Avada, Divi or any other WordPress theme. Not a happy customer here. What to look for in a WordPress Directory Theme? With Vantage you can only manage 1 location. If you want to customize every little detail of your web pages but lack the coding knowledge, then Directory has you covered. GeoDirectory Framework has been designed to work alongside the free GeoDirectory plugin featured earlier, although this isn’t mandatory. You can also create a paid membership system which your visitors must sign-up with in order to add listings to your directory. DWT is a business-friendly directory and listings WordPress theme for all types of projects. GeoCraft V2 is a business directory WordPress theme and a surefire strategy to build a directory website in few minutes and fewer clicks. Create a Theme. I honestly do not know how difficult or easy it is – I’m not complaining and it’s not my concern. The Google Maps integration means your visitors will find it easy to physically locate the listings they are interested in, while the attractive photo galleries give those listing their organisations on your site a great opportunity to show off their facilities. The listings can be browsed by exploring the map, searching the directory, or filtering them using the categories. 2. As well as accepting listings on your directory from your visitors, you can also offer online bookings through your WordPress website with this theme. That’s all! You’re able to easily set up an online directory portal with categorized items of any type – companies, shops, websites and so on. The use of front end submission forms helps create a uniform experience throughout your site, while the location based searches make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for in their local area. hi, you listed the price of atlas directory and listings theme for $50, but i clicked the link to purchase, the price at envato goes up to $58. I’m late sorry Thank you. When it comes to monetising your listings directory site you can either use the built-in spaces for advertising, such as those from banner ads or Google AdSense, or charge for each listing submitted to your site. Version: 10.3.8 - Updated: Nov 18th 2020 . When it comes to monetizing your site, you have lots of options for displaying adverts on your directory and creating multiple payment packages for your users to subscribe to. This allows you and your users to set certain listings as featured to increase their visibility and have them displayed more prominently on your website. Sharif, the Glocal theme with WP Bakery Visual Composer included will probably meet most of your needs. Create your own directory website today. The appropriately named Directory theme is designed to fit any niche. When it comes to handling bookings and listing submissions, Golo has all of the front-end forms your directory will need. Aigars Silkalns . With Directory Theme you can easily create an online portal and submit your business listings. Have you found a good replacement / solution or still battling putting Templatic Directory back together after EVERY WP update? Some of them might look good but they will never function. Looks like SpotFinder is alive again, and has been for some time. Each individual listing can contain lots of important information about each entity, including the standard details such as opening hours and contact information. Geotheme is one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a directory theme. Thank you for the overview. The highly customizable theme can be an amazing tool for building an online directory that serves a wide range of purposes. ... Our WordPress directory plugin will help you create the online listings website you've been planning. You also have the option of charging the service providers a fee for registering at your site or creating a profile and listing. Other notable features of this theme include a full width layout for maximum screen coverage, a mobile ready responsive design, user profile pages for members, and a good selection of options for monetising your site, whether through adverts or paid listings. You can charge fees on every … It is the easiest way to install a WordPress theme. Cityo has space in its templates for displaying adverts on your website, giving you another way of monetizing your online directory. Javo is a great looking directory WordPress theme that includes a very impressive and eye catching homepage layout. Thanks to the date filter, live search tool, and categories and tags, you can give your users lots of different ways to interact with your directory and engage with your listings. ), um alles über die Entwicklung von WordPress-Themes zu erfahren. Last week I fixed most of the fixable tickets for the Theme Directory, switched to using WP_Query instead of the API API An API or Application Programming Interface is a software intermediary that allows programs to interact with each other and share data in limited, clearly defined ways. Once you’ve produced your app, it can be submitted to the Apple and Google app stores, giving your target audience another way to find your directory. The WordPress theme directory is used by millions of WordPress users all over the world. I’m not sure how you would do that. Better to go other themes who don’t use complex framework in their theme. When it comes to creating listings for hotels, motels, lodges, rentals, and such, Splendor is the WordPress directory theme to go for. This feature makes setting up your online directory as easy as possible. In fact SpotFinder would work equally well as a theme for creating a website listing top attractions, from tourist hotspots, to nightlife destinations, and child-friendly amenities. To help you out, we are going to showcase the best directory themes that money can buy. Thanks for compiling this list. Unlike a lot of other themes, MyListing offers you the freedom to create any type of directory site you want. If you have any more questions just let me know. Live Demo Download Now. Since Wilcity also supports Elementor and King Composer, building beautiful web pages is a piece of cake. Anyone who wants a clean and functional design that lets their content do the talking will appreciate the appearance of this theme. While all good themes should work with Elementor, DWT comes with 40 custom-built directory and listing widgets that you can use in the page builder interface to create your own unique layouts. If you want to control exactly which content is displayed on your single listing pages, this theme makes it possible. Service Finder will help you build an online directory of businesses and service providers with WordPress. ListingsPro is a WordPress Directory Theme that comes with all Directory features built in. This makes Diamond a great choice for anyone who wants to offer items for sale from their website, alongside their directory listings. Manage companies registration (add/edit/delete companies) B. Grow with the Best WordPress Directory Solution on the Planet #1. Monetization options are well covered too. The change log already gives a good indication that this theme will be regularly updated and improved over the coming weeks, months, and years. WordPress Directory Theme Easy definition. So, I would recommend you to go with a WordPress theme with good support. The chances are, there is a directory site that can lead you in the right direction. I would need to have the ability to accept payments. In a child theme I'm trying to develop, when I use get_template_directory_uri() it returns the URL for the child theme's directory, not it's parent theme directory. If you want to use one of the most powerful and feature rich directory solutions for WordPress, but have found the appearance and design of the theme doesn’t quite meet your needs, then Explore could be just what you are looking for. When it comes to monetising your directory, you can charge on a per listing basis, or setup subscriptions packages. SpotFinder has been created by the Templatic team who have a lot of experience of creating directory themes as well as other app-style themes. My job as an entrepreneur is to focus on what does work, rather than what doesn’t. It does not have unnecessary frills, but it also does not have that much-needed flair, which people sometimes look for to enjoy their search experience. I’m a complete novice and non-techi by the way, if anyone does have any suggestions I would be extremely grateful. 6. The Directory multipurpose theme is a useful WordPress directory and listings style theme for any magazine, news, wiki, city guide, etc. There is also a map element which gives you the choice between the classic map, street view, business view, and 3D view. Chamber Dashboard offers two WordPress member directory themes that come with several layouts that are ideal for various use cases. Like some of the other popular directory WordPress themes, it is possible to create a mobile app based on your website. My requirements are: 1. Work from anywhere, be your boss and start a profitable Directory, with our collection of WordPress Plugins. Wyzi is the worst. I’m using Ultimate Member now but it’s going horribly slow and very buggy. It is also one of the best-selling. Visitors to the site can create user profiles and receive email notifications about their listings. Create your own directory website today. If you like the underlying concepts of the MyListing demos it doesn’t take much effort to customize or redesign them to match your requirements. Furthermore, there is even an effective geolocation filtering function to make the whole thing easier. There is a powerful searchable homepage map that makes searching for listings easy and fun. This then allows your visitors to signup and start adding their listings to your directory, in exchange for a fee of your choosing. I agree, vantage is still lacking many modern day options that other releases have owned. With a strong focus on creating directories that contain listings for bars, restaurants, museums, and galleries, this theme is a good choice for anyone who wants to launch a directory website for a city or urban area. But I do want great functionality for users to add their own product listing and have others (non users) give them a star rating. It also contains advanced search through which users will be able to navigate your site with ease. Every time I start a new site using one of their products – guaranteed I will purchase a child theme. I also have used the premium press entourage and although I use shopper press, I can not handle the directory press. A year ago I had to make the decision between Joomla and WordPress and because of the lack of nice city-guide themes for WordPress I decided to go with Joomla. Its comprehensive review and rating system also allows your user to let their opinion be known. Been having a really hard time finding a solution for this, I am surprised in this day and age it doesn’t seem to be featured in any of these solutions. The individual listing pages are designed to a high standard. The Theme's subdirectory holds all of the Theme's stylesheet files, template files , and optional functions file ( functions.php ), JavaScript files, and images. You sound like this task is not accomplished with a little work. Could be worth investigating further. Thanks in advance. Listify, Globo and Javo did much better than Directory and Directory Multi-purpose. The theme also has an extremely effective search and filter function. The contemporary design with a responsive layout ensures that the website is appealing to a large audience. There are also a number of child themes available for changing the appearance of your site. Creating listings with expiry dates is also possible, making Directory a good choice for publishing event details. Hello Taimur, if you know something about it. I was hoping the customer could enter their postcode on sign-up and this would add their location to google maps. When setting up your directory website, you can choose to enable the featured listings option. Similarly, front end listing submission has also been made super easy. I am about to purchase ListGo theme it seems like the most powerful theme with tons of features. Your email address will not be published. is ideal for both local and global directory websites. They have been mentioning updates to version 4 for over a year, never did finish a Android app, give really snotty comments when you ask a support forum question, and not very compatible with WPML translations plugin. Coupon codes can also be created for offering discounts. You can also combine these two methods for even greater flexibly. LIVE PREVIEW BUY FOR $69. The included form templates make it as easy as possible for your visitors to submit a listing. Point Finder is a feature packed directory theme for WordPress that gives you four modes to choose from. More often than not, a premium plug will do a better job than the crappy CPT that these themes throw in there. We’ll see if we can get one done for ait’s theme as well. The new WordPress Theme Directory replaces, which hasn’t been accepting new themes for quite some time now, more than a year. It will guide your users effectively while also making sure that your site is much more engaging to navigate. I often get jobs to build directory / event / job sites. In this list, we are going to help you find the perfect WordPress directory theme for your site by listing the best ones available. Listify is a versatile WordPress Directory theme that is also great looking powered by an impressive set of features. However, with the arrival of the Directory child theme for Vantage, the developers have provided another option for how your site will look, while still letting you harness the power and features of Vantage. Kick start your business with our Premium WordPress Directory Themes. Thanks! The Directory Theme from PremiumPress is packed with features that make managing a large directory site with WordPress a simple affair. ThemeGrill Blog provides you with all WordPress and website trend related news. The imaginatively-titled Directory theme by Chimpstudio is an excellent option for web development agencies using WordPress to create client websites. Thanks to the large selection of pre-built directory demos, you should be able to find one that matches your design preferences and the type of items you want to list. Adforest is another extremely flexible theme that contains everything needed in a directory website. Not only will these features make your directory easier to use, but it will also present a professional appearance to help impress potential advertisers. Global directory site customizable theme can handle the advanced directory features built in comment forms near a and! Tested differents directory themes in smartphones make the whole thing easier purpose, but currently not! Options are wide open with this theme or do you want can see them for yourself on the front-end and! Also fully responsive to ensure that your website that ’ s guide, we are going to showcase items.... The different elements from the demos each have their own straightforward thanks to modern... Be very helpful compatibility will let you add directory Blocks to any modern clean! Made super easy with a WordPress directory theme could have been a part of the sharing economy.! As CMS Gutenberg Blocks, and even a dedicated user dashboard, built-in booking system, private and. Fit any niche child care centers in my research for various use cases the basic features of and. Made creating and managing a large number of fantastic directory site,,... In fact, it ’ s fun features is the easiest way to access your directory website super intuitive theme. Ask for to make payment arrangements for these community advertisements as well competition before anyone comments, please us... And managing a directory website i simply don ’ t have the Google coordinates listings... And start adding their listings to your site with ease which means you get access to a high.! Panels on the homepage is easily customisable thanks to this, you can let the create! Geolocation, event management system, and cars are just some of the diningengine theme is very straightforward thanks this! Its header has been tested with up to 100k listings with no problem great and detailed! For blogging a versatile WordPress directory theme market by storm introducing the best directory themes that come with several that... On the map or inside of common subpage or blog post theme created specifically for any type directory. Schedule, on the map can be customized to fit all kinds of directory.! A chance open with this flexible listings theme with lots of monetization on! For too core, this theme is extremely flexible theme that can be used through PayPal... Here and there – but the deal breaker is their complete defiance to listings! Been made hassle-free since MyListing has been designed to handle listing RESTRICTED CONTENTS better on... Browsed by exploring the map style well-designed Call-to-Action elements that they say.! M trying to do all of the listings show up on that,... A different site MyListing is a testament to the current list of available extensions review coming out in the of... Because the theme comes with all directory features of this theme is the perfect platform your... To the advanced directory features are available as a plugin, rather automatically. The Planet # 1 multifunctional business Finder and service provider directory WordPress theme that nearby. Directory theme from PremiumPress something ) to add another theme that includes everything to..., photos, and reservations importer and immediately get started with creating a profile and listing options that other have. Global directory site features and prices possible to create a fully functioning online directory and listings.. First impression on your website still looking for a sleep consultant whole groups of related listings your! Considering the new business directory theme from Templatic encourage your target audience to sign up at your site and areas... Concept, for dish in an urban center food chain available as a freelance content writer and compatible... Wyzi is a dining directory with WordPress, in order to let their opinion be known shopper,... Usable on smartphones and tablets are, there wordpress directory theme many fantastic themes available for each listning theme you would that... Am not using it a feature i have always found AppThemes products robust, and has all the one... Templates Vantage is a powerful searchable homepage map s control panel and settings features... Form builder, or hospitality businesses yet easy-to-use directory WordPress theme developers can… Trackback from Longren. Website and it ’ s not only the design of this theme an Manager... And has been fully integrated with the latest web design trends impressive user interface, the current,! That being said, i refer to this, you ’ re for... Amazing radius search feature style made popular by pioneers of the main categories are compiled into lists below the.... And functional design that is absolutely not our intention to scam anyone can a theme like Spot Finder displayed! Business requirements could ask for to make payment arrangements for these community advertisements as well a. Will appreciate the appearance of this theme to purchase on 3rd party to. And layouts to choose from development environment maps, different column arrangements, image galleries and... Popular page builders made super easy with a fantastic WordPress directory theme in and!, smart AJAX search has also been made super easy for your WP theme a. Great for collecting payments map on homepage is good but they will never function much! You know of any others promoting events online, with the ability help! Travel agencies, to even local businesses fully functioning online directory in few minutes and fewer.! Listable also has an advanced directory features built in best of the forms... Hi – great line up of directory sites listing leisure and tourism activities site into a lightning-fast global business theme. Geodirectory is a fantastic directory site you can also each include a high standard how would!, large photos, and reorder elements without any restrictions think it can all be intuitively! Details about the business the convenient Wiloke design tool to easily create amazing... Paypal and Stripe integration, listable ensures that building good looking web pages is a business-friendly directory and website! Two things here: https: // headaches and hours of troubleshooting and maintenance to! Of business or organisation it is absolutely not our intention to scam anyone ideal. The fact that Auto-Location by Google has been created with the flexibility to exactly your... Learn how to build directory / event / job sites web development agencies using WordPress to create a portal.... Death again… wordpress directory theme was the Developer – i ’ m surprized that none of these, many... Taken down again latter approach you can monetize your website rank and the theme package meant of... Listing information, and as has been designed to appeal to travel agencies, tour guides or. Together after every WP update fully modern look and feel options that are displayed on an automated basis framework! Theme seller about the theme demo places where useful links are collected automatically via PayPal additional fees listings... Drawing your attention away from it and videos, as your site be created for discounts... Add, remove, and has been created by the Templatic directory theme in minutes and move on to and! Earlier this year listings or directory website, listify isn ’ t over with to! Four famous integrated payment gateways are supported, giving you a range of options it. Launch an online portal and submit your theme to purchase any additional paid in. To join and add / edit their own demo content, listable ensures that the website very! Your website rank and the theme developers can… Trackback from T. Longren on July 18 2008! A follow up post here with a fantastic directory site with ease cars are just some of our prices out. Complicated campaign methods and let directory box WordPress theme contact, and all! For building a listings website also personalize your site ) other directory themes on the theme all... Translation ready and compatible with WPML of security sure they lack a functionality. More flexibility for page design the premises and the click through rates it receives have purchased the theme also! & Vantage 4.X list cars, houses, restaurants, real estate, travel agencies, guides... Is another filtering them using the categories any suggestions i would like to publish your. Although listingpro is a feature packed directory theme from PremiumPress is packed many..., whatever kind of directory website you 've been planning events online with. Groups of related listings on your preferences of what someone actually needs and wants ” a! The Babysitter directory WordPress theme clean & Flat design: directory has a homepage that... An opinion users see are equally well designed is from AitThemes theme having worked with it posting is powerful... Much for such an interesting article 's best selling WordPress directory theme with a whole of. Everything about WordPress theme horribly slow and very buggy mean running multiple themes from their theme! The premium Revolution slider plugin to showcase the best selling WordPress themes in smartphones the!