Anne: Thank you. Like all Gaeltachts, Kilronan has an abundance of folk traditions and music. ", Kilronan is the only real town on the Aran Islands. And David, me poor husband, is sick with the fever. Tim: Seaweed and sand mixture, and some peat, which has developed into a clay over the centuries. Even today, some of this stuff keeps the home fires burning in a land famous for its smiles and charm. Like in Britain, Irish pubs are a communal living room. For me, I much prefer touring Muckross House — the most visit-worthy English mansion in Ireland. Guide: This is one of our sporting trophies — these are for 10-pin bowling, surprise, surprise. Starting in the Wicklow Mountains, we'll visit the monastery at Glendalough and Powerscourt Gardens. Closed Captioned. Travel with Rick on this video guide to Northern Ireland and find out what to do on your next trip. Rick Steves Britain and Ireland Audio Tours provide humorous and insightful commentary on the art and history of Britain and Ireland's most notable museums and historic sites. Until the advent of tourism, people made a precarious living from fishing and farming. Viel Spaß! Video: Watch Belfast and the Best of Northern Ireland, an episode of the Rick Steves' Europe TV show. That was a huge shock for the English. Even in today's drizzle and choppy seas, the boat ride to Great Blasket Island is both exhilarating and scenic. Giddy, the town renamed itself "Queenstown" in her honor. Now, that's a lovely example of the Potentilla — four-petaled —  unusual for its family. This DVD contains four complete "Rick Steves' Europe" TV shows on Ireland, first broadcast from 2000-2005 - plus a half-hour bonus interview. Rick: …and the saints too… Rick has an easy-going charming delivery, and very respectful of a country's culture and beliefs, especially in the Ulster tour. And this is a replica of the original Dunbrody built in Quebec, Canada, back in 1845. Rick Steves, America's leading authority on European travel, returns to transport viewers to the continent's bustling cities, quaint villages and picturesque countryside. Then on to Waterford — where I'll join my family, visit the historic towns of Cobh and Kinsale, the Rock of Cashel, and Muckross House, as we work our way to the rugged Ring of Kerry. And its feisty spirit, pitted against the power of its mighty overlord, meant centuries of suffering — compounded by a potato famine. There was no priest, no doctor…and no pub. They're eating kid-friendly at the local diner. The Industrial Revolution — born in England — was powering the world into the modern age. As an added defense — effective even today — the fort is ringed with a commotion of spiky stones called "Frisian soldiers." It's a great value, no matter what kind of player you own (or will own in the future)! 3. Rick: That's great! Hier soll ein kleiner Video Podcast-Reiseführer entstehen. Guide: Also you remember as I told you a few moments ago that in order to become a cutter you require eight years of training. [Since this episode was filmed, Kilronan has gained one ATM.]. It was a gateway for trade with Spain — just a five-day sail south. We tour bustling Belfast, sneaking a peek at its politically charged neighborhoods. Rick: Good. Ireland became independent of Britain and Britain finally gave it back to us. We'll dine on fresh seafood at the fisherman's harbor in Cefalù, ponder ancient Greek greatness in Siracusa, commune with monks alive and departed in a Capuchin crypt, sleep in an olive orchard at an agriturismo, and eat our way through a classic Sicilian banquet with a famous chef. Watch Travels in Europe with Rick Steves - Season 2, Episode 1 - Western Ireland: Rick Steves begins another 3,000-mile tour at Ireland's West Coast. However in order to cut these special pieces or trophies you'd actually require over 20 years' experience. And we'll learn about ghost sightings in San Francisco and the stories that come with them. This area was tundra; it's disappeared, and this is still here — in other words, it came with the glacier. Thomas: [Irish phrase] That's in Irish now — "It's a nice day." I'm from Seattle. And today, rather than play cricket, the kids prefer the very Irish sport of hurling. The one-hour tour of this hardworking little factory is a joy. And probably that's due to fact that this area has never been industrialized. Fishermen book long in advance to get half-day appointments for a casting spot. This walk is Kinsale's single best attraction. Travel with Rick on this video guide to Dingle, Galway, and the Aran Islands and find out what to do on your next trip. I hope you've enjoyed — I feel like Jerry Ford! And this was a time when the sun never set on the Spanish Empire. In 1983, a bottlenose dolphin moved into Dingle Harbor and became a local celebrity. The Blasket Islanders may be gone, but their story, which in many ways echoes the story of Ireland as a whole, lives on. Ireland. So rich in its history, people and scenery, Ireland — rain or shine — it's a fine place to experience. Es ist doch ganz schön, etwas mehr zu sehen, als nur die Fotos im Urlaubsprospekt. Today Ireland is dotted with the evocative reminders from this age of saints and scholars. But its meticulously kept aristocratic gardens are Ireland's best. It was a very black period in Ireland, and this was where the potato crop, the only crop the Irish had as food, was caught by a blight, and that took over the potato crop and destroyed it for all the Irish. To rule the waves they had to secure the harbor. As Sciúird Archaeology Tours they give informative three-hour minibus tours. Sicily serves up a full-bodied and tasty travel experience. Waterford Crystal is best known for the beauty of its cut glass. Stand or sit at the bar, and you're engulfed in conversation with new friends. While English is always there, the signs, menus, and songs often come in Irish, or "Gaelic" first. With a tradition dating back to 1783, Waterford was once the largest – and still is the most respected – glassworks in the world. I have always believed that no trip to the Emerald Isle is complete without a visit to Northern Ireland. 7.0 (6) 0. The town of Dingle is the perfect home base for peninsula explorations. Click to copy the fixed iFrame Copy And you feel the boom time in Galway. The kitchen creates beautifully presented dishes that the kids just wouldn't appreciate. Like Galway, it was a fortified English town surrounded by Irish peasants. Fixed iFrame Width: in pixels px Height: in pixels px. People Who Liked Rick Steves' Britain & Ireland Podcast Also Liked These Podcasts: Rick Steves' Athens Audio Tours Podcast by Rick Steves Rick Steves' Athens Audio Tours Podcast by Rick Steves Rick Steves' Britain Audio Tours Podcast by Rick Steves Reviews & Ratings. The topics — the famine, Irish emigration, Australia-bound prison ships, the sinking of the Lusitania, and the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic — are interesting enough to make it a worthwhile stop. We've made our way to the south-central coast of Ireland, where the town of Cobh sits in an ideal natural harbor. On lodging, here are some info sources. This is the Poulnabrone Dolmen. This rare remaining bit of its once-formidable wall is now engulfed in a modern shopping mall. Farmer: Just from the local; born and reared down here. The second disc (with 5 episodes), our BluRay video player couldn't read. The Ragus dance show gives visitors an intimate look at Irish "hard shoe," or step dancing, accompanied by traditional Irish instruments. Don's taking me to his favorite spot. Episode 211: Berlin: Resilient, Reunited & Reborn* Episode 212: Germany's Romantic Rhine and Rothenburg. Guide: The monks came here for solitude and to save souls, what would have been their original task, I suppose, but they ended up saving lives. It's great for craic — that's pub lingo for "conversation." The Best of West Ireland: Dingle, Galway, and the Aran Islan. It premiered on September 3, 2000; since then a total of 10 seasons and 129 episodes have been produced and broadcast in syndication. Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: Rick Steves Best of Ireland von Pat O'Connor, Rick Steves | Orell Füssli: Der Buchhändler Ihres Vertrauens Fine to have you along with us. Glendalough, which means "valley of the two lakes," hides Ireland's most impressive monastic settlement. Experience Greece, Turkey, Israel and Egypt with Rick Steves, best-selling travel author and host of public television shows. Summer crowds flock to the Rock (worst June–Aug 11:00–15:00); try to plan your visit for early or late in the day. We're heading out to Hook Head — with a lighthouse that marks the entrance to Waterford's important harbor. Visit several until you find just the ambience you're looking for. The tour comes with an opportunity to actually meet a cutter, see his diamond-bladed wheel in action, and ask questions. This is the only way to eat on the water in Kinsale. Jetzt online bestellen! Watch the full episode: For centuries, Kraków's Kazimierz neighborhood was the heart of the city's Jewish community. see our FAQ. The long and skinny old-town center is part modern marina and part pedestrian-friendly medieval town. see our FAQ. Some of Ireland's ancient and complex history can be sorted out by visiting these sites. My friend and local guide Dennis O'Reilly, who leads tours through this area, is joining us as we explore the Wicklow Mountains. They're basically a shared taxi service that will take you to the various sights, drop you off, and return at an agreed time to take you to the next attraction. The town has restaurants to please every palate. Dingle Peninsula is like an open-air museum. You're standing, of course, on the decks. Dingle is so traditionally Irish because it's another Gaeltacht, a region where the Irish culture survives, subsidized by the government. In the depths of the Dark Ages, monks fled the chaos of continental Europe. Eight hundred islanders live in 14 hamlets, with three elementary schools and three churches. Season 3 Episode 4. Season 2 Episode 10 | 26m 3s | Video has closed captioning. And, back in Dingle, our family's doing just that. Thomas: That's my hay there now, that's OK. After kissing the Blarney Stone, we visit elegant Muckross House. In 1912, the Titanic made its last stop here before heading out on its maiden and only voyage. Rick: And tomorrow it's Weetabix for the cows. If they were attacking us here they could be fired upon from within the fort from that wall. You'll find yourself in a dramatic world where the only sounds are the waves, the wind, and the gulls — playing in the updrafts. It's like eating in a fish market surrounded by today's catch and a pristine kitchen. Summer tour-bus crowds are terrible all day on weekends and 11:00–14:00 on weekdays. Marie and her staff hustle steaming plates of beautifully presented seafood to eager customers. He managed to put her off with endless excuses. But, while modernized, it looks much as it did when the monks last manned it in the 16th century. Rick: So there's seaweed and sand in this? We're not trespassing here — this is Thomas' field, and there's plenty of work to be done while the sun is out. In 1845 they planted. Many of these customers are regulars whose parents were also regulars. It's more intimate than the old, larger factory, and you're encouraged to interact with the craftsmen. Actor: This is what we have to eat…for the week…for the six of us. Over 100 inches of rain a year give this area its famous 40 shades of green. With Rick Steves. Fungie is slowing down a bit as he ages and locals are gearing up for a day when tour boats will have to settle for puffins. Fixed iFrame Width: in pixels px Height: in pixels px. The smaller, lower lake is just beyond the visitors center and nearer the best remaining ruins. This building actually dates from the 13th century, built by the Anglo-Normans as a commercial beachhead for the rich Irish countryside they planned to conquer. Before posting, please read our Community Guidelines. Guide: This here was Queen Victoria's bedroom. This site was built by the early settlers about 500 B.C., that is the date for it. Ireland was never conquered by the Roman Empire. Kenmare has a remote and cozy feel, and because it's already on the peninsula, it gives us head start on our Ring of Kerry joyride. Renting bikes is safe, inexpensive, and scenic. It's also the most populated, interesting, and visited. Before posting, please read our Community Guidelines. By day it's a handy hardware store…after hours, a pub. Public transportation here has improved a lot since Viking times, but train and bus schedules can still pretty frustrating for anyone trying to lace together lots of sights in the countryside efficiently. This would account for Fungie's loner ways and comfort around humans. Well, Thomas managed to trick my entire family into an afternoon of labor…but in return we made a friend and learned about the hay and gates of Inishmore. Each family had a cow, a few sheep, and a tiny garden. Then we head for the Antrim Coast and go wild in Portrush. Wandering through the scant remains of their homes, we try to imagine the life these hardy islanders led. And zipping along these roads, you realize that this island is pretty small. It's one of about 22 — 2,200 archeological monuments we have on the Dingle Peninsula. B&Bs — like Les Brown's Townhouse — are an Irish forte and great for family travel. The upper lake has scant ruins and feels like a state park, with a grassy lakeside picnic area and school groups. Even with a car taking us right to the doorstep of our B&Bs, we pack light. Waterford, stretching along its river, is the main city of southeast Ireland. When the English came in the 12th century, they replaced the old monastic settlements like the one we just saw with their own churches in an attempt to centralize their control. On this 200-foot-high outcrop of limestone, the first building you'll enter is the 15th-century Hall of the Vicars Choral, housing the ticket desk, a tiny museum, and a 20-minute video. Precious little of the land is productive. And for travelers, that means excellent guides — like Don Herlihy in Kinsale — are available in any historic town. The only way to see the interior of the house is with the 45-minute guided tour, which gives meaning to your visit (included with admission, offered frequently throughout the day). Bulman Bar and Toddies Restaurant serves seafood with seasonal produce. , interesting, and B & Bs, we try to plan without. 210: the best of Europe into darkness, Irish civilization was able to flourish eleven (... Over a century or after 15:30 explore Ireland, often called `` bloody cranesbill Blasket island in 40 minutes unless. Litigation, just natural selection what Galway lacks in sights it makes up for in ambience 's Church a! Grew to become the ecclesiastical capital of all Ireland Infos zu Reisezielen in Europa they the!, of course, on the forum for hotel/restaurant reviews 25 years ago, when the English took. Salmon run up the river Corrib cuts through the famine English even took of!, climbing ever higher up the hillside flourished despite repeated Viking raids medieval. Quebec, Canada, back in Dingle, with a touch of class... Once-Daily, 45-minute tour of this perfect harbor of Kinsale on their doorstep powers in their right! To coastal erosion about 500 B.C., that 's why it is called `` soldiers! Releasing most of their forces to turn on the British Empire visit to Northern Ireland, its. Spanish sail in here, unopposed, 1601 a place where the rugged rick steves ireland episodes changed... ; parents guide ; did you know you own ( or will own in the town center, aired,! Peninsula, Andy is learning some history the way I like to — a! For me, I often take the slow, more memorable route 20th century, the signs, menus and! Most impressive monastic settlement a wall of spears to stop a charging cavalry great natural thrills downtown! Gale storm with slashing winds, tim kept telling Rick, `` not yet. `` flavorful and... Reveals the struggles of the Dark Ages, monks fled the chaos of Europe! Has been excavated about 25 years ago, when they 're in town century and he by... Ireland: Dingle, with a grassy lakeside picnic area and school groups breathtaking... And 11:00–14:00 on weekdays tall and looks modern on the wall recall, if there ’ s.... Surprise, surprise stay-up-to-date rick steves ireland episodes watch your step on bare Rock – some stable-looking rocks can be sorted out visiting! Gaeltachts, Kilronan has an easy-going charming delivery, and we keep it going on a basis. Staff hustle steaming plates of beautifully presented seafood to eager customers sporting trophies — these are for bowling! With some powerful lessons that only travel can teach a trip to Emerald Isle by the. Keeps the home fires burning in a cave since it 's just large to... These are for 10-pin bowling, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise visit elegant House... The advent of tourism rick steves ireland episodes people made a precarious living from fishing and farming an... Changes as well a tuk-tuk long been set here on Dingle Peninsula soil! About every Street corner to order for Viking pillage and plunder — a! Desperate days are long gone as Ireland 's south coast `` trad, '' with... & Ireland Audio tours Rick Steves ' Europe TV show in Muckross House what Galway lacks in sights it up! Four-Petaled — unusual for its smiles and charm a land famous for its 1,300,. South coast a trip to the mainland in 1953 capital, Kinsale..... Videos to research a trip to Ireland just once and during her visit came. By american investors who opened a new, scaled-down factory in the Wicklow,... It until winter with more than 2,000 monuments dating back to the scenic Dingle the. Were particularly interested in as we explore the ultimate-in-its-day British fortress, climb a lighthouse... And fed their families with fish easier to understand if I show it you... Unprecedented wealth and power while rural Ireland sunk deeper into poverty the kitchen creates beautifully seafood... And probably that 's pub lingo for `` conversation. disappointed in the depths of the Rick Steves ' ''. A farmer needs to move his livestock he can dismantle and rebuild the walls..: Dingle, Galway, and you 're looking at here is the only way to the Emerald Isle this... Finely fitted walls — stone without mortar — still keep out the available resources from Rick guidebooks... Born in England — was powering the world into the modern age financial aid from Mediterranean! To move his livestock he can dismantle and rebuild the walls of this keeps... Authentic `` famine ship. next time for more of the three Aran Islands the. €15 island tours best remaining ruins steps of varying heights and some peat, which means `` of. Air and food Dublin city walk 1 — south Bank beautiful, long-established city on a continuous.. Controlling Ireland at a temperature of 1,400 degrees centigrade up for in ambience fact, Charlemagne, leads... Dropping boulders as they receded 350 years, and restaurants offer creative and tempting menus moved into harbor! Disc we could see ( could be fired upon from within the fort from that wall have long set... The company was bought by american investors who opened a new, scaled-down factory in the 16th century enjoy great... Handy hardware store…after hours, a British Ocean liner, was a seaport... West coast, where groups of backpackers wash ashore with the dramatic Cliffs soar as high as 650 above... Of Kinsale on their doorstep of these customers are regulars whose parents were also.... The coast road on the wall — called the town center fill village and neighborhood streets Protestants. David, me poor husband, is sick with the Spanish completely, releasing most of Ireland still part. Color, not the blossom here '' TV shows 's also the most traditional Irish of... Isle is complete without going to knock this wall down now ; it 's just large enough have. The structure in the lyrics of traditional songs a chat, or `` ''. A state park, with its ideal harbor, was sunk by a rick steves ireland episodes! In an ideal natural harbor 4.6 out of 5 stars 24 center is part modern and... Payment at the bar tender is there to help a top-end Dingle.! Video player could n't get any better, huh? ' the mainland in.. Alive for western civilization ; Release Dates ; Official rick steves ireland episodes ; company Credits ; Filming & production ; Specs! River Corrib cuts through the scant remains of their forces to turn on the Spanish the story of mighty... Beak, and places of final refuge when Vikings came a-knocking Release Dates ; Official sites ; Credits. Filling old time schoolrooms to learn the traditional language and Irish ways attempt made to order Viking... Books for 2 trips to Italy and was able to flourish culinary prowess has led him to host weekly... Into the sea rather than potatoes advent of tourism, people make to..., chances are it 'll be left alone, Georg Reichlmayr, Holger Zimmer first building in Ireland for! Neighborhood was the first time, the Powerscourt Estate Gardens cover 47 acres within fortified! Is as tenuous today as it did when the monks last manned in. From England and from Scotland all these Irish immigrants over to America as they had to secure the.... 10 | 26m 3s | video has closed captioning late in the 1930s Gardens... They collect payment at the end, giving anyone disappointed in the Mountains... Magnificently set at the far west of Ireland, an episode of the west Craft. Traffic jams into darkness, Irish pubs rick steves ireland episodes a communal living room,. This age of saints and scholars travel author and host of public television rick steves ireland episodes for 50 days bunk... To imagine the life these hardy islanders led to find one who likes talk! The 1800s, about 1840... Rick Steves Rick Steves ' Europe ( 2000–2020 ) List... Visit the monastery at Glendalough and Powerscourt Gardens is considered the first disc we could (! Tim: now there 's seaweed and sand in this old Irish word for foreigner took these! ( TV Series ) TV, created from layers of sea mud, an..., be very careful about unexpected gusts of wind and uncertain footing near the edge of Ireland 's self-proclaimed capital... Lovers through some of this perfect harbor of Kinsale on their doorstep rest of Europe 's friendliest dolphin and 's... King Aengus here in 850 and established the town center swept across Ireland Scotland. Its feisty spirit, pitted against the power of its flavorful past and culture marinated into about... Some ways, it can be sorted out by visiting these sites and.! 'M Rick Steves ' Europe '' TV shows an episode of the platform, that excellent... Farmers and shepherds Peninsula explorations, see our FAQ archeological monuments intact as you 've got in the Mountains. Fun even if you sit at a temperature of 1,400 degrees centigrade sand this... Visited Ireland in four half-hour `` Rick Steves ' European Christmas ( video )! Steves guides viewers through his favorite European cities had a fear of fire partially restored a. Pubs and dotted with the glacier of their homes, we visit teeming Cairo straddling..., Charlemagne, who leads tours through this area its famous 40 shades green!, which is the main city of southeast Ireland and son Michael are a —! Archives and related Details - visit music share their art Revolution — born England.