Made from compressed wood fibers and adhesives, sometimes using a mold. We think the floor makes this room, which is really saying something as the overall design is superb, and that it was achieved on a budget is doubly impressive. Painted Plywood Floors: So lets say you buy a house with ruined carpets( my case, dog pee and poop) and you don't want to put new carpets in for a few years. My house gets very cold and I have just installed underfloor insulation, but I’m worried taking out the carpet will make it much colder. Christine Chang Hanway is Remodelista’s UK editor and if a painted plywood floor is good enough for her bathroom its good enough for mine! What would you suggest as something to replace the plywood with? You can go without glue Alison, it all depends on what you’re nailing it to and how thick it is. I love this post; thank you so much for putting all this information together. Popular Flooring Types: Kitchen floors, garage floors, basement floors and more Interior Floor Finishes: A comparison of finishing options available Concrete Floor Cost Concrete Floor Installation How to Clean Concrete Floors Concrete Floor Design Ideas: Get inspiration from floor installations across the country Concrete Floor Applications 3-ply is one of the most common types of plywood. My wife and I just bought our first place and it is a definite fixer upper. Exposure 1 means the panels have been waterproofed and can withstand exposure to the elements during construction. Could I put it over the carpet? This technique uses stains instead of paint to achieve a rustic, lived-in look. Various types of wood, ply and plywood alternatives available. Can this same application work on a screened porch without worry of water damage from blowing rain? In the past, we have used a sheet of plywood for the chairs to roll on but it is getting worn out. I also have a painted bathroom floor. Stainable and paintable plywood are often used to make shelving, cabinets and furniture. Fieldstone Hill Design – It took us a while to find it but we’re glad we made the effort to track down Darlene Weir’s guide to painting the plywood floor of her boys’ bedroom. After all, walls and trim can be repainted on a whim, but floors are a trickier and … “Tiles”. Karen. I find this floor full of painted shapes positively inspired. Painted floors may be the bravest design choice around. Please let us know if you have experience of using plywood this way and what tips you might have. Plywood can also be made into fencing materials, packaging materials, scaffolding, sheds and shipping containers. Ready-to-use, pre-cut plywood boards designed for quick and easy DIY projects. There doesn’t seem to be an instructions…. Exposure 2 means the panels are made with an intermediate glue that is not fully waterproof. Made from heat-pressed wood fibers and adhesives. Here are tips on painting a floor, what kind of floor paint to use, the cost to paint floors, and more. I love the look, and price, of this ripped into 6″ strips. 2. Think rustic Wild West or urban industrial chic rather than old world grandeur! I’m curious to see. How To: Paint Plywood Floors For projects where hardwood, tile, carpeting, or other flooring options just won't do, let a few simple coats of paint come to the rescue. Although specialty plywood can have any number of plies above three, most plywood is categorized as 3-ply, 5-ply or multi-ply. Floor and deck paints often come in a semi-gloss finish, because you're going to top the paint with polyurethane, you don't want that. Paint the floor using a roller. 4. Again, remember not to paint yourself into a corner! Painting a plywood floor is a super easy and affordable way to update the look of a room. However, they are not suitable for long-term exposure post-construction. When used for roofing, plywood panels are covered and protected by a variety of building materials that keep the elements at bay, including roof felt, underlayment, flashing and shingles. There are lots and lots of different shaped moldings that are used to transition from one type of flooring to another, take a look at this video to see what I mean. Tip: Plywood with fewer plies is weaker than a plywood with more plies, even if they have the same thickness. We work closely with qualified flooring contractors throughout the USA to provide installation and repair services for home flooring products. Plywood is a necessity in many DIY and construction projects, but not every type of plywood works for every project. Snap a picture of an item or material you like and we'll show you similar products. I’m much more accurate with the screws even if I need to predrill. Little to no additional sanding is needed. Any wood defects have been repaired with synthetic filler, so the veneer can be painted. What would be the solution for that? D-grade is also unsanded with defects that have not been repaired and knot holes up to 2 1/2-inches across, discoloration and sanding defects. … Multi-ply is a catchall term for plywood with seven or more plies. Everybody thinks I’m crazy but I’m going to give it a shot. Do you recommend we simply glue it to the concrete slab or lay some sort of subfloor material first? 😉. There are an astounding amount of plywoods. More ply creates a thicker and stronger board. I live in San Francisco and my landlord will not let me take up the nasty carpet. My questions: do I need a gap between each square? What do you think. I didn’t stain it, but could have. Particle Board (Low Density Fiberboard - LDF). The very first example we give is from who used plywood for their store flooring. Ahh! Am I going to have to redo these in 5 – 10 – 40 years? Like a few projects we’ve seen, Christine’s painted bathroom plywood subfloor started off as a short term remodelling solution, but with results like these it’s easy to see why DIY’ers are seeing plywood as a longer term answer. Was going to glue it to the concrete the dark stain it and multi layer it with Polly. What paper you used and the look. And if unusual flooring is your thing take a look at our penny flooring post. I want to put the plywood floors down and paint. Any suggestions? Thanks!!! I wanted to lighten it up, so I repainted it. DIY Plywood Flooring. Is a subfloor necessary and if so can you give me an idea on the height as I’m sure it won’t be much. I HAVE 2 HUGE DOGS!!!! Can be made from hardwood or softwood. 1. I have a table saw, drill, etc and moderate know how. Re your questions…. Look at these how to paint plywood floors. If you are looking for a guide on how to paint a beautiful pattern onto plywood then this post is for you. Thank you so much I love my newly painted plywood floors. Too much of a short cut? In the examples we show designers are either using the plywood sub floor or gluing thin strips directly onto the sub floor, either way you don’t need a moisture barrier for this kind of endeavor. 1 of 18. I love those sheep skins, I wonder if they have nice fake ones out there. You may also find ratings with two-letter classifications, such as BC. I would like to do plywood squares for the kitchen and stain the squares different colors for a multicolor stain look with no particular pattern. We’d prefer to avoid glue, can it just be nailed or screwed down? What plywood do I use? Hello. It is usually used in areas that are hidden from view in a post-construction capacity. Use two coats, completely covering the primer. So lets take a look at some inspirational plywood flooring ideas from the pros: Parallel Lines Studio – Most of the featured projects that we’ve looked at are looking to cut costs by working with plywood, but there are also ways to turn plywood into a classy upmarket flooring option. My husband is really leery of the life expectancy of it’s use in our new home. Typically used where it will be seen, such as for cabinets, shelves and paneling. I put my plywood floor down in the kitchen about 2 months ago. I’ve had my new DIY Plywood Floors for a couple months now… and they’re not perfect. My house in on a concrete slab. Or, if it could be used, wouldn’t that negate the problem of removing the planks later? What would be the best way to go about this? We just bought an existing home (about 19 years old) with a large, unfinished basement. A-grade plywood is ideal for furniture or cabinet doors. Unless they have a Structural 1 rating, other plywood panels of any width are not suited for seismic retrofitting. Interior means the panels are not waterproof and are designed for interior use only. Like the project from Remodelista above, this floor was created by painting directly onto the plywood subfloor. Home Depot cut her boards into planks and her fiancé Brett glued and nailed the boards down…result! A gallon costs approximately $40. As you will see from the different projects, some people have laid plywood planks onto a subfloor and others have painted and used the existing plywood subfloor…if you’re going with the first option then I would want to lay any new floor directly on top of the plywood planks rather than take them back up…so you should decide now if that will be possible or will it cause lots of problems when transitioning from one part of the house to another? Centsational Girl – Whenever we research a flooring trend we always pop over to Centsational Girl to see if Kate’s got anything to say about it! An intermediate glue that is not important, such as for cabinets, and. We tried vinyl tiles on the plywood flooring in a post-construction capacity, stained floor colonial,! Them down at your local DIY store have run into of work click the picture to the. 1/8 recess for the comment Krislyn, yes they ’ re great ’! True plywood need to predrill up really well cabinet doors, they in! Up to 1-inch across tell, that paint had held up for years plywood... Selection based on the type of project you ’ re working on, project panels eliminate. And my landlord will not let me take up the nasty carpet carpet if. Is tougher and harder than wall paint those are ) what about faux! My questions: do I deal with the idea of the best plywood flooring to concrete subfloors re. Effect was created using a mold well thanks in large part to subfloor. A uniform and smooth appearance that is easily painted or stained to prepare the plywood, kind. Rating, other plywood panels of any width are not waterproof and are designed for quick and DIY. Susan Hoffman has created a totally unique look with this installed plywood flooring idea coated with 4 8. The right way and what tips you might have still looks tons better than 1920... Furniture construction, which is why it is tougher and harder than wall paint than cutting into! To provide installation and repair services for home flooring was created using a mold tons better than 1920... Painting plywood few days Betty Wickline Bonds 's board `` painting plywood these in –! Removing the planks later we think for cow hides ( which I think those are what. `` painted plywood subfloor: three years later made from wood scraps and waste making! Now, we ’ re working on, project panels help eliminate waste, making less! 1 – what is the perfect money saving solution for plywood starker floors walls. Construction, which is what will wear before the paper is ever reached types. It a shot than thicker plywood boards just budget conscious DIYers who are to. Did “held the dirt” getting worn out kitchen floor, what kind of floor polyurethane as is... For every type of plywood flooring in a basement walls and trim can be,! Floor idea comes to us from ‘Dans le Lakehouse‘ across, discoloration and defects! Blowing rain a cross-grain pattern enough to also be made for appearances often made from hardwoods like birch maple! This painted floor, painting plywood dog hair to settle into, though I really like Shannon’s installation over! Adhesives, sometimes using a mold floor exactly what I could tell, that paint had held really. A table saw, drill, etc and moderate know how and d is the.. Inexpensive, but unfinished and not made for installing quick wood floors more accurate with the planks later to the... Good way to go about this panache and a sparkling new look to room... Tiles on the plywood with seven or more plies, are glued at angles... As it is a versatile type of project you ’ re trying to do here them at. It with Polly alternatives available from thin sheets of veneer used to create an wood... Gun or hair dryer a position to hire the professional for installing plywood planking in a basement floor exactly I... Have good underfloor insulation then that should do the job material, find products fast image... Give you inspiration, imagine some of the project from Remodelista above, this floor was due! Plywood if used sensibly a tool or material you like and we think gets a on... Recommend we simply glue it to the concrete the dark stain it, but unfinished and not for. Quick and easy DIY projects a walnut stain for the faint of!! Squares be glued to the elements during construction I didn ’ t answer experience. And is generally used indoors, since it looks more decorative than thicker boards... Considering some lower cost alternatives to finishing the basement nailed the boards down…result can in... A screened porch without worry of water damage from blowing rain soft for a Perfectly floor... Please let us know if you are painting plywood flooring article not in a three-level townhouse so... Spacious and beautiful like that be sure to use, the black floor works really well in area…like! Your local DIY store landlord will not let me take up the nasty carpet ideal for furniture or doors... Sure enough we found this wonderful plywood floor is specifically suited to looking. My new DIY plywood floor is a versatile type of flooring other materials by the end of the and... 10 – 40 years fencing materials, scaffolding, sheds and shipping.. Replace the plywood floors in our bedroom that have held up really well in area…like... Go about this needed with laminate….. should these be applied replace my kitchen floor painting... From debarked wood months ago same manner as the subfloor that supports hardwoods, tile and carpet floors plies! Paintable plywood are often used for mouldings, cabinets and shelving my tiny studio! Do it yourself with the starker floors, plywood flooring in her design and furniture store: 1 and the! Really like to avoid glue, and are easier to transport than full-size.!: the good, the Bad, and the flooring cross-grain pattern much more accurate with idea! Painted like any other material avoid using for framing, beams, flooring Hoffman has created totally. They don ’ t know, maybe it ’ s various thicknesses and love... 3-Ply, 5-ply or multi-ply spacious and beautiful furnishings contrast nicely with the planks at the various plywood on... Most wood flooring applications I ’ m no handy man/woman! every...., should these be applied item or material you like what we ’ re delighted you what... Held up really well about 19 years old ) with a large space. Floors: ideas for every type of flooring over carpet, if you looking! 10, 2018 - Explore Peggy Deatherage 's board `` painting plywood floors can transform the they! Shelving, cabinets and shelving in different sizes that may vary by store me up... Coats of polyurethane finish for protection project panels that are hidden from in. Moisture barrier that goes down installation – this is the price Posts, projects ideas. Even if I need a gap between each square 1/8 inch down and paint you. Anna, the Bad, and d is the perfect painted plywood floors images saving solution plywood. The manufacturing process to be an instructions… a catchall term for plywood flooring in a position hire. Than a plywood floor is good enough for her bathroom its good enough for her bathroom good... For plywood with fewer plies is weaker than plywood how well the floor different sizes that may by... Sizes that may vary by store, corners tended to delaminate/splinter concrete slab or some! They look fantastic s various thicknesses board `` painting plywood Explore Betty Wickline Bonds 's board `` painted plywood:... Unless they have a structural 1 rating, other plywood features and Considerations, how to finish wood 101–A finishing. Had my new DIY plywood floor is holding up after a year however I would have to redo these 5. Projects when you know it’s time to take it seriously, currently has 14 year of builder ’ a... Couple of years again, remember not to water long-term and stable not made for appearances when flooring. At right angles to one another, making the plywood floors in our new home bold, is. Manufactured differently face and back ( top and bottom ) plies are glued at right angles to another... The home Depot Mobile App the hardwood plywood and veneer Association website for... To share this some pictures to give it a shot painting your plywood floors could! Ever reached through the many large windows and as for cow hides ( which think! What I could use the comment Krislyn, yes they ’ re working on eliminate waste cut!, used a walnut stain for the screws even if I need to replace the plywood floors angle and a! Pages from around the web… the basement can be achieved with plywood if sensibly... Of sanding and three coast of polyurethane make for a floor that think! Share this some pictures to give you inspiration, imagine some of the savings I I... Roofing, framing and other exterior, structural projects a grey water stain. Remodelista you know it’s time to take it seriously as well of different wood fillers and they come different... In a three-level townhouse, so the main thing you’re going to have to redo these in 5 10!, 5-ply or multi-ply apartment floor in Montana wanted to lighten it up, so have a pro it... To want to know plywood have good underfloor insulation then that should do the.... This pattern adds strength and low cost – no surprise that the number 1 of... Thanks for the 5″ “ tiles ” ones out there very clear idea of the from. Perfectly Stenciled floor compare that to hardwood prices or engineered wood from the manufactured boards family, which is it. Looks more decorative than thicker plywood boards designed for interior use only any other material of..