Despite being open source, the software is constantly updated to bring you new features and smooth performance. Here are some more options that you can look at: If you are looking for a professional-grade video editing software for Linux, it doesn’t get better than Lightworks. Since the editor is open source and completely free, if you are just starting out, it’s a great place to learn the basics of video editing without investing any money. There’s no subscription-based pricing here and if you have used older versions of the software, say the Vegas Pro 15, you can upgrade at a discounted price. Kinemaster is one of the best video editing software for cooking videos. While other editing software like Final Cut and Premiere Pro provide some control over audio editing, Vegas Pro brings a full-fledged audio editor. For small users, such as social media videos from YouTube or 4K movies, Lightwork makes this possible. before you read this. However, If you do own a Mac, you must know that iMovie comes pre-installed with your Mac which essentially makes it free. It has everything that you will need to support your expanding editing skills. Not only that, if you are a beginner and ready to invest time and money in this software, you will find that it is one of the easier video editing software to get used to. We found five fab apps with features for taking your food … Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows Today, we have smartphones with 12 or even 16GB RAMs, powerful processors and GPUs, and gorgeous 2K and FHD AMOLED displays, so if you are thinking why not edit your videos on a phone, well, you are not wrong. Supported Input Formats:  ProRes, DNxHD, Gif, H.264, H.265, MXF, WAV, AIF, MP3, M4A, AAC, JPG, PND, PSD as well as native camera formats you know, the good one? Food can be a work of art, whether you’re making a recipe or making a reservation. In fact, its color correction tools are so good that it’s the default choice for film and tv-series makers for color grading purposes. Now is it perfect no it better then the 1943 tech of x86 yes of course. This is important for food pictures. With Apple’s own video editing app you create videos without any watermark and can have complete freedom to add your own logos and branding if needed. It provides with a precise multi-track editing environment with customisable workspaces. An epic meal deserves gorgeous pics, and the right photo editing app can make all the difference. But that’s not what makes it best for beginners. Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS The company also offers a good selection of tutorial videos to get you started on your video editing journey. I have been using this software, which works well for me. This means, you can have four video and three audio tracks for a more flexible editing approach. With smartphone cameras becoming better every day, the gear you use to make videos is becoming less important. Whether you are a beginner or a Pro video editor, if you want to get into things like motion graphics, visual effects, animations, and special effects, this is the place to start. It started the Revolution. Many people don’t own a Mac, hence Final Cut is out of the picture. You can also add effects, stickers, filters, animated clips and text to your video. 7. Download. In fact, learning Motion Graphics and Visual Effects has become a required skill set for any video editor. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor Price: (Free, $49.99/month). The video editors mentioned in this section are cheap and easy to learn than those mentioned above. Depending on your goals and budget, the software you choose will differ from person to person. Okay, I know that this is not strictly a video editor, however, I still wanted to include this on the list for people who are mainly looking to create graphics and visual effects for videos.