A 33-year-old woman was saved from being sexually harassed by a man who had been stalking her, due to the incessant barking of her dog when the intruder entered her home. A dog has saved the life of its owner by coming to her rescue after a man sneaked in and tried to strangle her. Pit Bull Protects Owners During Break In, Survives Gunshot Wounds The 8-year-old pup from West Philadelphia went after an intruder with a gun who pushed into his home Published. For a lot of us, our dogs are like family. The Fila brasileiro for example has a reputation for being very intolerant of strangers and guests to the home and property. If … and strong enough to attack and drive away livestock predators. Amendments to the Dangerous Dogs Act mean it is now an offence for a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place and on private property.. For example if you deliberately set your dog onto the intruder and they then suffer injury, you may be liable for prosecution and the dog … She heard the side door of her home open and at first thought it was her older son, but instead came face to face with a stranger. Would they protect your home from an intruder? Ronald Schlenk is calling his dog his hero. Many Students Missing As Armed Men Break Into Secondary School In Katsina, Kill Security Guard, Horror! Robin1995 $8.81 earned. Guard dog breeds tend to be territorial, averse to strangers, dominant, and protective and loyal with family. benjie1748 Published March 4, 2019 82 Plays $0.28 earned. 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Rex the dog is being called a hero for his actions last week. The following breeds are the best at watchdog barking:[8], If the risk is from human intruders, a suitable dog can be simply trained to be aggressive towards unrecognized humans and then tethered By ADMIN Leave a Comment. During the Holidays, there are a lot of people who go shopping to buy things. The watchdog's function ends here; a guard dog is then capable of attacking and/or restraining the intruder. Our final test was Karisha, owner of Saundra, a 5-year-old Rottweiler, Eli, a 5-year-old chocolate lab and Izzy, a 4-year-old border collie. Dog Protecting His Owner’s Property Bravely Attacks Intruder! Dog protects owner from intruder (Video) Tracey McCoy and her blind son, Nathaniel, were at home in Oklahoma City when every parent’s worst nightmare came true. By Laura Shallcross Contributor at Animal Channel If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to have us bawling, it’s videos of soldiers returning home to their loved ones. As most dogs would do, he felt it was his duty to chase off this intruder, causing the burglar to run as fast as possible and hop over the fence! On the other hand, there are also people out there looking to steal things from others. Subscribe Share. [5] Orthrus is a famous example of a livestock guardian dog from the Greek mythology known for guarding Geryon's red cattle. Naiserelagi allegedly assaulted Ms Bandera and attempted to strangle her, before the woman's pet pitbull ran into the room and attacked him. But when it comes to Golden Retrievers, people would say they are a sweet, loving, and very friendly dog. A female pit bull named Lefty was left shot after an armed intruder invaded her and her owner’s home on July 23rd in Accomack County, VA. Lefty came forward to protect her owner from an armed intruder. [13] Other fierce guard dogs include breeds and landraces of the Ovtcharka type and other farm guard dogs such as the Boerboel. Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Great Dane Protects Owner From Home Intruder Other top surveillance videos of the week include a thwarted speaker theft, a wild restaurant brawl, a Tesla fail and more. 'Hero' dog saves owner, 86, from robber. ... Dog protect his home from "scary" intruder. Dogs consider their owners to be part of their pack and thus inherently feel the need to protect them in case of any threats. A Michigan man is crediting his dog for saving his family after a gunman barricaded himself inside their home. Being attacked on your own home where you must feel safe and secured is one of the worst things that could happen to you, and this is what happened to a mother of two, Sarah Day, when she was home alone one night. Beloved pet dog saves family from home invader armed with shotgun - but loses her leg when she's shot Lefty the pit bull was shot by an intruder when she launched herself at a … Specifically, livestock guardian dogs such as the Kangal use loud alarm barks as a first line of defense against presumed threats; if these do not deter a perceived foe (either human or animal predators), other displays such as bluffing and charging are employed. 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