Following is a listing of the many sub-types of sarcoma. Difference between P and S- waves:-We can easily recognize P & S waves on seismograph because the velocity of P- waves is 1.7 times more than the velocity of the S- waves. and the body center, where we have three major instinctual drives.. P Waves. S-waves are transverse body… Read More These waves roll as water waves roll in sea or ocean these are the most destructive waves. In seismology, several types of surface waves are encountered.Surface waves, in this mechanical sense, are commonly known as either Love waves (L waves) or Rayleigh waves.A seismic wave is a wave that travels through the Earth, often as the result of an earthquake or explosion. P-waves, also known as primary waves or pressure waves, travel at the greatest velocity through the Earth. L-waves, which are of great importance in earthquake engineering, propagate in a similar way to water waves, at low velocities that are dependent on frequency. The Enneagram describes three centers of intelligence: our mental center, where we have our ideas, plans, and language; . Therefore, the seismic waves that take that path are the first to arrive, and scientists call these the body waves. There are two major types of waves: Body waves and surface waves. This is the fastest kind of seismic wave, and, consequently, the first to 'arrive' at a seismic station. our emotional center, where we have our feelings and our empathy for other people; . The list is divided between Soft Tissue and Bone (jump to Bone) sarcoma sub-types. Each type of wave shakes the ground in different ways. body wave. The first kind of body wave is the P wave or primary wave. …a transverse body wave; the P-wave, a longitudinal body wave; and the L-wave, which propagates along the boundary of stratified mediums. These seismic waves produce a long wave on the seismographs. The P wave can move through solid rock … Select the name of the sub-type to reveal additional information about that specific sub-type of sarcoma. P-waves. The name secondary wave comes from the fact that they are the second type of wave to be detected by an earthquake seismograph, after the compressional primary wave, or P wave, because S waves travel more slowly in rock.Unlike P waves, S waves cannot travel through the molten outer core of the Earth, and this causes a shadow zone for S waves opposite to their origin. P-waves are the first to arrive at a seismic station. A body wave is a seismic wave that moves through the interior of the earth, as opposed to surface waves that travel near the earth's surface. Enneagram Sub-Types - An Introduction by Peter O’Hanrahan. They include the P- and S-waves. Sarcoma Subtypes. P and S waves are body waves. The main types of seismic waves: P, S, and surface waves Seismic waves can either be body waves or surface waves -- but the full story is far more complex. P-waves and S-waves are sometimes collectively called body waves. These waves are of a higher frequency than surface waves.